Stocking Stuffers

Stockings have always been one of my favorite things about Christmas. It is the last thing we open on Christmas morning, which typically includes an orange, chocolate kisses and a small little gift. This can be anything - socks, underwear, vegetable peeler, avocado slicer or a fun piece of jewelry. However, it seems that everyone has a different story when it comes to their stockings. This past week we were discussing stockings at work and I found out that some people open their stockings on St. Nick day, December 6th, in preparation for Christmas, while we wait and open ours on Christmas morning. I think the idea is the same though, it is just a little something else that carries the Christmas magic. Here are a few things that would be perfect rolled up and stuffed in a stocking!

1. My sister got me a beautiful gold candle snuffer for my birthday and I love it. Not only is it pretty to set out on the table, but it allows the scent of the candles to last longer! Definitely a must if you are into candles! 

2. A lot of people get a little ornament every year. This little yeti is so cute and would be perfect on a tree. The best part is, it is from Ten Thousand Villages, so the money spent on an ornament is actually going to low-income artisans.

3. You honestly can't have enough earrings, as Carly and I can attest to. This pair is super cute and can easily dress up any outfit and would be perfect for all the holiday festivities!

4. A lot of times, we will get socks in our stockings, which I have to be honest, love. I am a HUGE lover of SmartWool socks during the cold winter months. In fact, I typically only wear SmartWool socks, but they can be a bit pricey so they make for a perfect stocking stuffer.

5. Just in case you actually let your toes come out of the SmartWool socks, this OPI nail polish is a great color. The color, Nein! Nein! Nein! Okay Fine!, is a great winter color that doesn't fall in the red category, but also isn't so dark that is black on your fingers. I had it on for a while and loved it.

6. I am always on the hunt for a good calendar every year. I like ones that have the days listed out per week, but also gives enough space to write in each day not just super tiny boxes. This one is perfect and has to be the prettiest calendar with a gold leather cover.

7. Carly and I went camping this fall and were without electricity and phone service for a few days, which was wonderful, but when it was time to go home I needed my cell phone to find my way back. My phone was completely out of juice, but Carly had brought a back-up phone charger, which was perfect. This one is super cute and would be perfect for those instances where you need some extra juice, but don't have access to a power outlet at the time.

8. I have to admit Anthropologie probably has the best smelling candles. Although I probably don't need another candle, I have them all over my house, this one has a beautiful woodland creature on top and would be great for little things after the candle is gone.

9. I actually bought some beautiful gold bangles when I was in Nashville, that go perfectly with a casual outfit. A lot of bangles can add up in price though, but getting a few at a time makes it a little less pricey. These are great because they can be worn together or separate.

10. I love a good knit hat, in fact I have multiples but mostly they are black or white. This knit hat is super cute with its pom and is in the color of the year, marsala, an odd but beautiful wine color.

11. I know it is harder to text, open doors or do anything really with a pair of mittens on, but honestly they keep your fingers so much warmer because all your fingers are together. A lot of times, I will layer up my gloves underneath a pair of mittens. These ones are super cute, and would keep your fingers warm!

12. A friend of mine gave me a notepad/mousepad a couple of years ago that you can write on, and I love it. You basically jot down notes that you don't want to get lost in a pile of papers. Unfortunately, my pad is running low, but this one is super fashionable and has the days of the week on it.

Hope some of these things are either added to your wish list or are some ideas for others. I have to say, I wouldn't mind getting any one of these things on the list! Enjoy all the holiday moments big and small!