Sparkly Gift Tags

I love a beautifully wrapped package anytime of year, but at Christmas especially. As Carly said, this time of year is truly the most wonderful time of year, and I enjoy getting into the spirit by creating an overall color palette for my gifts every year. I have been known to have some interesting interpretations including neon accents with greenery. I was reminded by my family that year that red and green are still considered the traditional Christmas colors! So this year, I opted for rich velvet accents of evergreen and deep red with rose gold and silver. I purchased a few things this year including the wrapping paper and ribbon, however I made my own gift tags with only a few supplies I had at home.

The whole process is pretty simple. I started with a tag that I had made a few years back, and because I liked the shape I traced it onto white card-stock. I was able to get 10 on an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper, but probably could have gotten more if I had needed to. Then I carefully cut them all out using a ruler and exacto knife. This part can be tricky with the curves, but honestly if you take your time it isn't that bad. Each one then needs to be hole punched. I prefer a smaller hole, but again it is just preference. After all your tags are cut & hole punched you are ready for the fun part. I used a variety of things including a glue pen for the sparkly dots, a foam brush to create a sharp sparkly base and a stamp with an embosser to form a bow. I made 2 of each "pattern" in both gold and silver to have some variety. If you don't have all the supplies stashed at home, all of the items listed can be found at Michael's and are relatively inexpensive. I have to say one of my favorite tools is the embosser. You can really create a beautiful finished look and all you need is a stamp and embosser. Once you have your finished tags, all you have to do is wrap your packages and add a sparkly tag!


ps. Hazard of making sparkly tags includes glitter on oneself & possibly your surroundings for some time, but no worries - tis the season to sparkle!