DIY: Vintage Earrings Reborn

All of my clip-on earrings waiting to be re-made into post-back earrings.

All of my clip-on earrings waiting to be re-made into post-back earrings.

I know it's not quite the new year but I would like to kick off today, starting with this lovely little project, on one of my new years resolutions: finishing off half-completed projects. I'm going to blame it on being a designer, but when I get home the very last thing I want to do is anything related to being creative. As such, Netflix and I have a very close relationship while all of my jewelry, watercolors, and just about everything else takes second place. I've even had a book out from the library since May of this year that I just keep renewing but still haven't read. It's sad.

With that being said I present this very easy DIY tutorial to bring new life to old clip-on earrings. I'm not quite sure how ladies of the past (and present) wore clip-on earrings; after about 20 minutes your entire earlobe goes numb. However, there are so many gorgeous vintage clip-on earrings that it seems a shame to let them go to waste! Plus it's really easy to convert them! All you need are some wire snips, needle nose pliers, ear studs and backs, and epoxy glue!

I inherited a handful of really fun clip-on earrings from my grandmother, but you can find lots of great earrings at flea markets and antique stores. Using your wire clips or pliers, remove the clip-on backs. This task proved much easier than anticipated although the level of difficulty does depend on the age of the earrings and the quality of the metal. File down any sharp exposures if you need to. After the clip-on backings have been removed all you need to do is glue an earring flat pad post to the earring base with a good epoxy glue. Finding decent quality earring posts can be difficult, as most craft stores offer very mediocre metal jewelry findings. I found some nice options online. Once the glue has set (check curing times) you're ready to go! Brand new earrings with a storied past! The perfect accessory!