Bubbly for 2015

The Wine Merchant, in Cincinnati, OH. A great little shop that has a variety of options and price, and great personal service!

The Wine Merchant, in Cincinnati, OH. A great little shop that has a variety of options and price, and great personal service!

New Years Eve and champagne are two of my favorite things, so I thought I should share some options of champagne for ringin the 2015 or any time really. I don't know if it is because of the lightness, the bubbles or that it just makes you feel like you are celebrating something, but I truly enjoy a good glass of bubbly. In fact, I usually have a bottle of champagne in my fridge for any possible reason to celebrate! However, I have found that many people have a bad misconception of champagne, either that it is expensive, snobby or just not good, but honestly it all depends on what you buy. A few days ago, I stopped into The Wine Merchant, a great little shop around the corner from my house, to ask for some advice on some inexpensive champagne options to bring in the New Year. They were super helpful and gave me quite a few suggestions, which I thought I would pass along.

1. Segura Viudas Aria Estate Cava

This was one of the first Cava's I ever tried at a party, which started me down the path of trying a wider range of bubbly. This particular Cava, which I have had trouble finding, is dry but very refreshing and great for any occasion. "Fresh notes of mushrooms and floral scents of jasmine add depth and breadth to this wine's nutty fruit. The finish is zesty."

2. Deligeroy Cremant De Loire

"Soft, delivering ginger, brioche and pear notes with a friendly, open finish." A great option to add to a mimosa or to simply enjoy. This one also has a beautiful rose - " Friendly, with a peach and cherry notes laced with a honeysuckle edge."

3. Mistinguet Brut

This particular champagne is very similar to the cava listed above, and was quite delicious. "On the nose, a mixture of apple and toasted notes. On the palate it has a nice acidity with an elegant, classic fruity finish. 

4. Gerard Betrand Cremant De Limoux

One of my personal favorites and actually a rose, this sparkling wine is a great option for any celebration. "This sparkler delivers with delicate aromas of white raspberry, red apple flesh and broche. Delights with flavors of strawberry hull and clementine supremes."

5. Mumm Napa

Similar to the rose above, this rose is "festive and lively with tropical fruit and spicy vanilla aromas, and supple flavors of raspberry, lemon and spicy yeast.

6. Nicolas Feuillatte

The priciest option of them all at $39 should be held for special occasions or moments. The champagne has "clean citrusy acidity. As well as integrates beautifully and provides elegance."

Hope you can find one that you can enjoy for tonight as well as into the everyday celebrations! Hope everyone has a fabulous time bringing in the New Year!



Additional tasting notes via: Wine.com and Wine Enthusiast