Holiday Wreath Revamp

Some girls from work and I had our 2nd annual wreath decorating party again this year! It has become one of my favorite things during the holiday season. There is typically so much going on during December, but we try to get together one "school night" to decorate wreaths and chitchat. The idea started from when one of our co-worker's sons started selling wreaths for their boy scout troop. The wreaths come late November early December and are delivered to the office. The wreaths themselves are actually quite pretty with big pinecones, gold & red bow and red berries, however we love to take them to the next level and it is way more fun to do that with friends!

Above, you can see the boxes piled and all the decor I brought in the back of my car! I typically have the mentality when doing any decorating that it is better to have too much than not enough! So the week before, I start gathering my materials. This year, I really wanted to mix in a variety of greenery with just a touch of sparkle. Greenery can be extremely expensive when you buy it at the store, which I think is kinda silly, so I took to the streets. I don't have a lot of greenery at my house, but quite a few of my neighbors had plenty. Lucky for me, our neighbors had some beautiful evergreens that they were getting rid of and some magnolia trees with the best big leaves, so with permission I gathered a slew of branches! I also stopped at Michael's and collected a basket full of things that were gold, sparkly and had serious wreath potential. Once you have all your supplies, a list is below, you can start your decorating!

Things you need for a Wreath Revamp

a starter wreath - these can be found almost anywhere during the holiday season
variation in greenery
a touch of sparkle
glue & foam brushes
gardening shears
green metal wire & wire cutter

The easiest way to start is to remove all the additional pieces on the wreath and then starting fluffing it. Usually with being in a box the wreath gets a bit scrunched, so just start fluffing and it will look revived in just a few minutes. Then begin layering in your greenery & sparkle. Once you have it layered in how you like it, start wiring it to the wreath. This is the tricky part! It is a bit difficult to get the wire into all the greenery to wrap it, so the longer the wire the better. No one will see it when it's all finished! After it all is put into place, you just need to add the finishing touch - a touch of sparkle. To add the sparkle you dab the foam brush in glue and then start dabbing the branches covering them glue with sparkle as you go! And there you have it, a personalized holiday wreath!

wreath 02.jpg

The whole project is pretty inexpensive using a variation in greenery, some sparkle from Michael's and a few bottles of wine, but it really makes for a fun and festive evening spent with friends. The wreaths above are some of the finished products from the night, which I think turned out quite festive! Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season with friends and family in some way or another!

Happy Holidays!


P.S. Just keep in mind, wherever you decide to do your wreath party that there is serious amounts of glitter & pines at the end of the night, so I would recommend hard floors and a broom!