Bold Lips

I used to be apprehensive about lipstick and had kinda wrote it off from using it. Lipstick was one of those things that always seemed like a lot of work and could go wrong so quickly. Maybe it was because I used to wear bright, and I mean real bright red lipstick for ballet performances, and it always made me feel like I had huge lips and teeth. However, I am slowly getting into this whole lip thing especially this winter. I thought I would share a few tips that I have learned through trial and error as well as chatting with some make-up experts.

Here are a few things I would recommend to make sure your lips look fabulous! 

Finding the right color to match your skin is crucial! Just because you see a great color on someone else doesn't mean that exact lipstick will work for you. However, typically you can find a color in the color family that will work, it just might need to be tweaked just a bit to work with your skin!
Going along those same lines, don't become too brand loyal. My first bold lip color was Chanel 37, and I thought I was sold on only buying Chanel lipstick forever because it stays on forever! However, Chanel has a limited selection of matte colors, which forced me to branch out and try some new brands.
Matte vs Gloss is also important when looking at lipstick. Maybe it is because matte is becoming more and more popular, but I prefer matte lipstick. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have pretty big lips. I have been told by make-up experts that typically matte makes your lips look smaller while gloss makes them look bigger. Therefore, if you have smaller lips and you put a matte lipstick on most likely your lips will appear even smaller and thinner than you probably want. So make sure to try both!
Going with a bold lip it is important to have soft smooth lips, which for me seems to be almost impossible in these winter months. I did find a great Whipped Cherry Exfoliant by Bite for the lips which is 100% natural. If you use it a few times a week with chapstick throughout the day you should be golden and ready for some color! If your lips are really bad try some coconut oil, which honestly works for anything including your face and hands!
Another element that can help keep your bold color looking polished is lip liner. It was recommended to me to make sure to get a complimentary lip liner but not matchy matchy. This way it looks more natural. When you use lip liner you should line your lips and bring some of the color in from the outline. This should help keep the lipstick in place and not smear outside of your lip line. I personally have just started doing this, but for the Kate Von D Noble lipstick I have been using the Make Up Forever Aqua Lip 22C, and I love it.
The last tip and this may be a more personal thing, but making sure to keep the rest of your face pretty simple. I have always been a big blush girl, but when I wear a bold lip I try to keep most of my face pretty neutral. I will use my base such as BB Cream and powder, a touch of blush, a highlighter and of course mascara and that's about it. Keeping it simple let's the lipstick make a statement and gives you an overall polished, playful or sexy look depending on the color.

Hope these tips make a bold lip a little less intimidating and something you might try. I highly recommend having fun with the whole idea. I know for myself, it has been something that makes me enjoy these winter days just a bit more. I find myself wearing more black than normal, but with a fun lip it adds a bit of color to the ensemble and makes a statement. Are there any colors that you find yourself gravitating towards?