Bathroom Finishing Touches

Bathrooms are a pretty utilitarian and small space in most people's home, mine included. Very little goes on in your bathroom except getting ready everyday, and unless you are like Carly and I who enjoy pulling out every hair product, eye shadow options and hair styling tools for a night of drinks, you are probably pretty alone on an everyday basis in the bathroom. So it only makes sense that the finishing touches to your bathroom don't always happen right away. However, there are a few things you can do to your bathroom that typically don't cost a lot and add a little personality to the space - a beautiful shower curtain, soap dish, a few pieces of art, bath mat, baskets and toothbrush holder/tumbler.

I had gathered most of the pieces slowly overtime, but I couldn't seem to find what I wanted for a toothbrush holder. I know not everyone puts so much thought into a toothbrush holder but these were my requirements - had to hold at least 2 toothbrushes and didn't have holes which cause size constraints, wanted a metallic element (preferably gold) that wasn't on the inside of the container, wanted a solid container - nothing clear and wasn't outrageously expensive. Me being particular, I couldn't find anything. So I decided that I would try to find a simple container and just add a bit of metallic to it. I found this great little tumbler at Target which was simple, clean and the perfect size it just needed a touch of gold!

There honestly weren't many steps to do to complete this project, but I will quickly walk you through what I did.

1. Play with the proportions to make sure you have a good amount of empty space vs leafing. I personally love the leafing, but too much can go wrong pretty quickly!

2. Measure it out. I am not an exact person, but I did about 2.5" all the way around making a mark on all 4 sides. After I marked each side I used painter's tape and taped off the line to create a clean sharp line to follow.

3. I then took my handy glue pen and rubbed 2 sides. I needed to be able to set the tumbler down to apply the leaf, so I only did 2 sides at a time. Once you put the glue on, which is a bit tricky to see, you have to wait about 5-10 minutes before applying the leaf.

4. Once the glue is sticky, slowly and carefully take the leaf and apply it to the tumbler. Press down gently on the leaf to make it stick to the glue. When the leaf looks like it is smooth, take and crease the leaf at the tape mark creating a divide between the glued leaf and the loose leaf. Slowly but surely pull the leaf away and you have your 1 side!

5. After you have finished all 4 sides, you can go back in and fill in a couple of spots with the leaf. Keep in mind the gold leaf is not going to have a perfect edge, but a bit more artistic so don't become to OCD about it.

6. Carefully take the tape off the tumbler and there you go, a finished product!

The whole project was pretty simple, with little cost and a big impact. I honestly think that the touch of gold with the soap dish adds just a bit of sparkle and consistency without over doing it. There isn't a whole lot of space in our bathroom, so I have tried to make every bit count, and I think I am finally getting there!

I hope to share the rest of the bathroom with you soon, but I have to replace my shrunken shower curtain and get the last back-ordered knob! Just when you think you are almost done...


Fancy cabinet knob from Anthropologie & a little touch of sparkle for the everyday.

Fancy cabinet knob from Anthropologie & a little touch of sparkle for the everyday.