Choosing a Sofa - Part 1

The two final sofa options, the Dante and the Flanders. 

The two final sofa options, the Dante and the Flanders

It has been a long time coming for me to get the perfect sofa. Anyone who knows me has probably heard my saga on getting the perfect sofa. So without further ado I am going to share the first part of how to find and select the perfect sofa for you!

I had a pretty clear idea on what I wanted, but only thought it fair that Tyler should be part of the decision making process since we would hopefully be snuggled up on it together in the future. The problem was that I wanted something that had clean lines, stylish and somewhat lux while Tyler preferred a large, comfortable curvy sofa. So the two of us began our sofa search. After Tyler and I visited every possible furniture store within a 2 hour radius of Cincinnati, we were able to narrow it down to two options after much deliberation at Arhaus. Final decision... The Dante! 

The next step - deciding all the finishes that go along with the sofa. Of course some sofas have less or more options, but the one we had chosen had fabric, wood legs and nail-heads. Lucky for me, Tyler could careless what the actual finishes on the sofa were going to be as long as it was comfortable, so Carly and I went into Arhaus armed and ready for finish selection! What you take with you can truly help you make the right decision with ease and confidence. We brought a tape measure, a multicolored pillow, a paint deck and a blanket with similar coloring as the walls. Side note - if I were to do it again, I would probably choose my sofa color before my walls,  but I truly love my walls so it all worked out! 

All the options that I had to select from for fabric, wood and nail-heads!

All the options that I had to select from for fabric, wood and nail-heads!

Typically when you go sofa shopping there are your graded or standard fabrics that are preselected for each sofa. These are often found sitting on the sofa ready for preview. However, you can usually upgrade to custom fabrics as long as you stay within the manufacture's line. These often can be a bit more pricey, but sometimes worth every penny so be prepared to spend a bit more if you go down that road. The Dante came with a beautiful linen fabric and an assortment of colors, but it just didn't feel that great to the hand. So we began our hunt through the wall of fabrics! Originally, I was thinking of a plush velvet, but as we got in there and started looking at all the options Carly and I began to lean towards these beautiful polyesters that looked like linen but were so much softer. So keep an open mind. I am so glad we went with a linen look that stayed true to the original intent of the sofa. A velvet would have dramatically changed the whole look. Once we narrowed it down to two fabrics that we both felt would work well with my dark rooms and still hide dirt we took them to the sofas.

Tightly draping the two fabrics over a back cushion we started to compare. Carly and I thought we would prefer the darker one, but once we got my pillow up, the medium gray really stood out. As you can see, the walls in the photos are dark, which worked out great for me because the walls at home are pretty dark! So then we began adding all of our additional pieces - the wood, nail-heads, blanket and pillow to give it a cohesive look. By the end I was pretty sold on the whole shebang. We went with the darker wood and the smallest shiniest nail-heads for the details. I am typically a gold girl, but mixing metals makes for an easy put together look and not so matchy-matchy, they also stood out better against the dark wood and gray. And then all that was left was to sign the papers and wait!

So the whole process really isn't all that bad, but can truly be daunting. I honestly think going in with all the accessories, an open mind, time and your best girl with style can make for an easy, enjoyable day. Unfortunately for me, I have to wait for about 10-12 weeks to get my pretty sofa, but it is well worth the wait! No worries though, I will probably have a sofa party with my new sofa and accessories to go with it!

Good luck on any future furniture purchases, and whatever you are buying make sure you love it!