Color of the Year

Some people love it, some say it is an ugly brown color while others think of it as burgundy from the 80’s, but either way Marsala is the color of the year according to Pantone. I have found though, that color is a very personal thing. In fact, a lot of times people may like or dislike a color based off past experiences. There is a woman I work with who just really dislikes mauve, but I don’t blame her. She said she used mauve everywhere back in the 80’s! So I would guess that this lovely Marsala color could go either way for some people. I can’t say that I am in love with the color myself, but I don’t have a strong hate. I honestly think that it can be beautiful, but it can go wrong pretty quickly for sure. I have gathered up a few things that may help you add Marsala to your everyday wardrobe that you can either embrace for the next 12 months and toss or keep around for a while and enjoy it for a few years.

My personal favorites from above would have to be the coat or cape with those sparkly earrings, the small multicolored handbag with the floppy hat and the bold Nars lipstick. I think I would be ready for this year with a touch of Marsala!

What is your take on the color?