Music for the New Year

In the spirit of all things new, I decided it was time for a fresh playlist of upbeat tunes. Since I listen to music almost every day at work, I’m a bit burnt-out of my favorite songs. I’ve tried switching it up to podcasts or news feeds but I often find them too distracting while I work (although I’m thinking I have to listen to Serial very soon.) So I scoured Spotify for up-and-coming artists and recently released hits from lesser-known bands. I’m pretty excited about some of my finds! Then I hit the archives (just back to the mid-2000’s) for some much-loved songs that I haven’t had on rotation in awhile- everything from Beyonce to Beck. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Also feel free to share other favorite artists, old or new- I'm always looking for something to listen to!

Happy Hump Day!