Scent of the Season


Fragrances whether for your home or for yourself is a very personal experience. There truly isn't one scent that fits all, which makes experience that much more exciting, but also can be a bit overwhelming. Some people, like my mom really aren't into scents at all. In fact, she typically veers away from scented candles and perfume where as sometimes you walk into a home and every outlet is filled with something. I thoroughly enjoy candles throughout the year, but something about the fall always makes me want to increase the number of candles scattered throughout my house bringing in a soft warm glow. I often tend to enjoy the woodsy, musk scents during the fall, but have collected a variety of scents that I think speak fall to everyone just a little bit. 

fall fragrances.jpg

Favorite Scents 

  1. This Maison Loui Marie No. 10 candle may be sold out at the moment, but that can only mean that it has the perfect mix of a spicy eucalyptus and a few floral amber notes giving off a beautiful woodsy, autumn scent. 

  2. We ordered flasks from Izola for our wedding, and loved them. I discovered this Green Moss candle as soon as we walked into the The Paris Market in Savannah last week. It truly makes you think of an early morning walking through the woods with moss and wet leaves underground. 

  3. You don't have to spend a small fortune to have a great candle. Some of my favorite candles I have around my house are from Target. There fall line has a sleek black opaque candle with a black amber scent that I am dying to have all over my house! 

  4. If the navy and gold didn't catch your eye, then the Cedar Rosewood fragrance may seal the deal. A common combination of scents, you really can't go wrong. 

  5. Nest candles may be my favorite brand of fragrances. My first Nest candle was their Holiday Classic candle, which has become a staple within our house during the Christmas season. Once discovering the Moroccan Amber, it just might be a new fall standard! 

  6. This scent may be considered a bit more masculine, so if you aren't into florals or too sweet scents, I might go with this one. Baxter of California collaborated with a men's retailer creating a scent that was inspired by campfires and burning wood, which is the perfect scent for fall!  

  7. Voluspa is another one of my favorite fragrance brands. They are a bit more common and can be found in Anthropologie as well as other large and small retailers. I just bought this sweeter Baltic Amber Diffuser for my bathroom and it has already shifted the scent on my first floor to fall. I am a big fan of diffusers for spaces such as bathrooms. You don't have to light them, but the room always smells fresh. Most candles come as a diffuser, so if you find a scent you like I recommend picking up a diffuser as well! 

  8. Another great scent from Target as well as a pretty mercury glass container. The Spiced Redwood reminds me of Thanksgiving and apple cider. Thankfully, this candle comes in 3 sizes - votive, medium & large. I wasn't exactly sure where it was going in my house so I might have bought all 3!

  9. Again another Voluspa fragrance, this one being Spruce Cuttings. If you are one of those that loves to bring the holidays in early, this is a great one for you. It reminds me of Christmas trees curled up next to the fire's warm glow. I can't do evergreen yet, but this candle gets me excited!   

Don't forget a couple of things when it comes to candles... your candle will last longer if you trim the wick. I know this sounds a bit silly, but trim it before your first burn and trim it after you burn it. It shouldn't be very long at all. You can use scissors if you don't have a wick trimmer (which is totally unnecessary, but so fun to have!). I wouldn't be doing Carly or her dad justice if I didn't mention that you should NEVER leave a candle unattended! On that same note, if you want your candle to burn evenly you really need to let it burn until it is all liquid across the top. And once the candle is all gone, and you still have a beautiful container that would be perfect as a little vase or pencil holder, put the container in the freezer and the rest of the wax will pop right out! 

Hope you can enjoy one if not a few of these candles. I know that they will be on heavy rotation this fall at home while I work on projects and curl up on the couch! Do you have any favorite scents or fragrances?