Bloody Candles

I may have been hesitant to accept fall, but I love Halloween and am always up for a good Halloween party. Growing up, it was always a big deal with months of preparation for the perfect costume. I came up with all sorts of ideas that some how my dad would magically sew, glue and piece together to create my big idea. We may be adults now, but I still love the excitement of costumes, candy and the beginning of the holiday season. Last year, we hosted a costume party where I decked out our house in festivities. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on the decor, but I spent some quality time at the Dollar General and did do a couple inexpensive DIY projects to set the mood. I wanted dark, eerie branches so I spray painted a pile of dead branches and put them in a vase. The second DIY that was also extremely easy was to make bloody candles. Honestly, this may be the easiest and inexpensive DIY around! 

D.I.Y. Steps 

  1. Gather all your white unscented candles that you want add wax too, red candles and matches/lighter. It is easier to do multiple candles at once, so have them unwrapped and ready. You can use various sizes and shapes. I found mine at Michael's, but have also bought them at Target & Ikea

  2. Light your red candle and let it heat up a bit. This shouldn't take long, but make sure you keep you eye on the candle. Once it is heated up and the wax starts to pool, slowly begin to tilt the red candle over the white letting it slowly drip down the edge. Make sure you rotate both candles as you continue around the white candle. You can add as much or as little red you would like. 

I didn't do every candle in my house in dripped wax, but I did do a few and created small vignettes around the house with plastic spiders and crows. If you dim the lights and have candles throughout your house, it really can create a eerie vibe with not much effort. I highly recommend it if you are planning a party this year! It is still up in the air what I will be doing, but Carly and I will be spending the weekend together which may include Ballet Met's Dracula or a Columbus street party... who knows, either way, I am excited! Do you have any big plans for Halloween this year? 

Happy Halloween!