Styling Pillows - Casual Elegance

Image 04.jpg

This week, we have the second set of pillows, which is what I am currently enjoying on my sofa now. Again, I have mixed quite a variety of textures and patterns together including a bold floral. This particular grouping isn't as fall like as the last one, but still evokes a relaxed cozy space, which is perfect for these November fall days! 

Image 02.jpg
Image 02.jpg

Again, I found these fabrics and had pillows made, but when I discovered the floral print I just couldn't resist! As you can see in the pillow, there is a bold chartreuse flower almost dead center, which matches my $10 chair perfectly! However, that is a hard color to make sophisticated and subtle, but the fabric pulls it all together bringing in plums, silvers, grays, golds and mossy greens! I really hit the jack-pot when I found the floral fabric as well as all the others that bring the room together. 

Keep in mind, whether you are making the pillows yourself or having someone make them (thankfully I have Tyler's amazing aunt, who is amazing at pillows & drapes), that you add a zipper and you stick to typical pillow sizes. This way, you can easily wash the pillows as well as trade out the outer cases if you decide to mix it up a bit. The sizes I usually stick with are 20x20, 12x18, 18x18 or 24x24, but that doesn't mean I haven't gone bigger or smaller. Honestly, it all depends on what you are going for! 

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And there you have it, the second set of pillows. I don't know if you can tell, but I did add a bit of sparkle on the 2nd pillow on the right. I just couldn't resist just a little! What do you think so far? Autumn Plaid or Casual Elegance

Happy Sewing!