Gifts for Thanksgiving Hostess

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Thanksgiving is just days away and most likely you are either traveling to see family, or all your loved ones are coming to fill your house to the brim. I am not one who gets too excited about the actual Thanksgiving feast per se, but I do love quality time with family. I personally hate showing up to a dinner party or weekend visit empty handed, especially during the holidays. Sometimes though it can be a bit much to pack up all the ingredients to bring something for the big feast or the hostess really just doesn't have room in the kitchen. However, that doesn't mean you can't show your appreciation for all the hard work that goes into the four day weekend. One of my favorite things to bring is something that the hostess can enjoy at a later date when everyone is out of the house and they have a moment of relaxation. My go to is a delicious sweet or breakfast bread for the next morning. This is one of those gifts that doesn't cost all that much, is thoughtful and is enjoyed in the moment. I have bought bread from the local baker, my personal favorite being the Breadsmith in Hyde Park Square, or a quality loaf from Kroger. Add a personal tag/note and you have the perfect gift!

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Don't get too worried, a personal tag doesn't have to be too complicated. I buy neutral gift tags in bulk, that I can customize per gift.  Above, I have a collection of various stamps, glitter and paint. I often use a "thank you" stamp I had custom made for my wedding, which honestly was pretty inexpensive and I use ALL the time! It works great all seasons, and I quickly stamp the tag or notecard, sprinkle some embossing powder and use my amazing embosser to heat it up and give dimension. I have done the same with letter stamps, or simply swiped the tag with glue and sprinkled glitter. Once the tag is dry, add a note - maybe how to heat the bread in the morning - and secure with a ribbon or string. Depending on where I got the bread, I sometimes switch the bread into a clear bread bag, again I have in bulk, which eliminates any ugly packaging. Honestly, you can't go wrong and it adds just enough personal touch to the pre-purchased bread! 

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Personally, I don't think you can ever go wrong with bread, well unless your hostess is gluten free, but typically it really is the easiest, yet most rewarding gift. However, If you aren't into bread, here are a few more ideas that I pulled that you can stash away for the upcoming holiday parties! Don't worry, you still have two days before the big feast, so grab a loaf of bread for this long, cozy four day weekend! Hope everyone has a wonderful time with family and friends, and just remember everyone's family is a bit crazy so you might as well enjoy them! 

Happy Thanksgiving!