Family Game Night

One of our family favorites - Toilet Recall!

One of our family favorites - Toilet Recall!

This time every year, my sister and mom want to pull out all the games from the cabinet and have a game night with the family, and without fail I put up a fight only to eventually give in. But honestly, you can only talk to your family so much, and games are a great way to mix a few laughs and quality time together! This past weekend wasn't any different, and I can only imagine that as the festivities continue there will be more game nights in the future, so I pulled together a few of our favorites because not only are they fun to play but can be a great white elephant gift too! 

Toilet Recall, the game above, requires nothing but a timer, paper, pen and a fun group of people. The rules are pretty simple. Everyone rights down 3-4 random phrases on a piece of paper and toss them into the middle. These phrases can be anything from "orange zestful clock" to "green slimy castle" - the weirder the better. Once they are mixed up, everyone is divided into two teams. The game goes 4 rounds. Each round you have to describe as many phrases as possible within a 1 minute time limit per person, but the catch is that each round is different. 

  1. You can use any words to get your team to guess other than the ones in the phrase. 
  2. Use gestures, similar to charades.
  3. Use ONE word only & the catch, you can't change the word. 
  4. Use sounds, this is my least favorite round but pretty funny! 

After each round, you add up how many everyone got and add them together at the very end. The team with the most, wins the whole thing! We played this over Thanksgiving and had so much fun. It is a great one to include younger family members, just add a bit more time to the timer when it is their turn. The whole thing might sound silly, but give it a try and the sillier the phrases the better the game!  

  1. Cards Against Humanity is a huge hit right now, and you can't really go wrong. I honestly haven't heard anyone dislike this game. It is one of those games that can be as awkward and ridiculous as you make it. If you have a younger group, or family who is a bit more conservative Apples to Apples is always a good option too. 
  2. A game that takes the original telephone to the next level. Telestrations mixes sketches, guesses and timer together with the most absurd outcomes. This game is full of laughs and is even funnier if you mix in girls and guys! 
  3. Another timed game, Taboo is all about getting the chosen word across without using the actual word. Sounds way easier than you think, but you need to give it a try. This one is one of Carly's personal favorites. 
  4. Dominoes is one of those games that has a variety of ways to play, but Carly's all time favorite is Mexican Train, although that's because she's just really good at it! This is a great game for all ages and again doesn't take much, except a set of dominoes. 
  5. Playing cards are just a given, but the number of games you can play with them is crazy. Living in Ohio, it seems that most everyone's go to trick card game is Euchre. Growing up this wasn't necessarily in popular rotation, but now I have no choice. Although, I still haven't perfected it, but I blame everyone else for having played it since they could count! 
  6. This is probably the most complicated game on the list, and by complicated I mean it has the most pieces. Cranium includes modeling clay, paper, timer and even a board, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. However, Carly's theory is that some of the best games are the simplest ones, but that doesn't mean I haven't had a few laughs with this one! 
  7. Tyler's family are HUGE fans of Pictionary, and I can't say I disagree. In fact, they have had to buy new cards because they've memorized all the ones in the original box. One of our favorite things to do is to do guys vs girls, which only increases the competition. I may be partial to the game because I enjoy sketching, but the best part is seeing the variety of sketches you get in such a short amount of time. 

Thanksgiving may be over, but these games are perfect for any game night whether at home with friends or with your family over the upcoming holidays. Either way, a few snacks, drinks and a timer is really all you need for a fun game night that will make the time spent together that much better! Do you have any go to games?