Wrapping Gifts

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It is no surprise to anyone, that one of my favorite parts of the holiday season is gift giving. I love everything about it from creating a list of ideas, to shopping and finding the best deals, to wrapping it all up in pretty ribbons and hand made tags. Every year I scout out paper and ribbons and create a small collection that I use to create a color story. I have had quite a variety from painting red stripes on brown paper, using brown paper with neon ribbon & live greenery (not the best moment) to last year which was all gold and silver. This year I found some beautiful black and gold paper that I want to add some rich red ribbon to. Of course, some people simply wrap their gifts in paper from the year before with a few new rolls every year, which can still be beautiful under the Christmas tree, but if you want to make them extra special I have shared a few of my tricks below. 

I thought I was going to go with the red/burgundy ribbon on the left, but when I tied it around the package it just wasn't right, so I readjusted and went with one of my favorites - a beautiful, rich green velvet! 

I thought I was going to go with the red/burgundy ribbon on the left, but when I tied it around the package it just wasn't right, so I readjusted and went with one of my favorites - a beautiful, rich green velvet! 

Tips & Tricks

  • You may create a mess, but make sure you have all the essentials at your fingertips - scissors, tape, pen, notecards, stickies, paper and ribbons. It will make it much easier when you are trying to tape that last little piece down!  

  • You don't have to be super artistic to create beautiful packages. If you aren't the best at the actual wrapping part, check out this video from Real Simple here, honestly it isn't too hard, just a bit more time consuming than a bag! 

  • Before I start cutting anything or really even opening any packaging, I pull together my color palette. I typically do this so that if something doesn't work I can return it. Ribbon isn't cheap, so if it just doesn't seem to look right, take it back! 

  • Make sure you have a hard surface, it is hard to get crisp, clean lines when you wrap a gift up if you are on a soft sofa or fluffy carpet. 

  • Sometimes I think that one ribbon is going to be perfect on the package, but it just doesn't work because of size or color so make sure not to cut any ribbon until you are completely done with the package. In fact, I often do this part at the very end. I often wrap all my packages and add stickie notes to each one with the name of the recipient and then start to make the notecards and tie them with ribbon.

  • Spend your time and money on the recipients that will truly appreciate the wrapping. Not to say that I don't like them all to coordinate a bit, but I probably am not going to use the most expensive paper and ribbon on my brother, who honestly could careless. 

  • Large gifts can be tricky, and I have quite a few this year. I have one that is huge, and I am still debating what to do. I have some beautiful silver and white woodsy paper from last year, and I bought a second roll this year, so I thought that could work, but I might just use my brown paper on this one and tie it with a ribbon... just try to think ahead so you have a game plan! 


Last year, we did a post on sparkly gift tags, and this year isn't any different. I enjoy personalizing them whether with a quick sketch or a touch of glitter, in this case - both! 

  • Practice your idea before you start sketching or gluing on the final product! The more practice the better your vision will come to life. 
  • Play with a variety of colors! I loved the red ribbon, but it didn't really go with my rose gold & deep green package, so I thought I would try gold. Well, the gold looked great on white, but it was a bit lack luster on the creamy tags. So make sure when you play with colors you try them out on a scrap of the final product. 
  • Remember it doesn't have to be perfect. The beauty of pen sketches is that it is simple, clean and quick. 
  • There may be a slight hazard of making sparkly tags - glitter on oneself and your surroundings. Don't worry though, tis the season to have a touch of sparkle! It always seems to find itself in my scalp! 
  • Make sure to tie your tag with a skinny piece of string, so as not to distract from the bow!   
full size finished gift.jpg

I know this may seem excessive, especially if you have a ton of gifts, but you don't have to do it for every gift and honestly it really is pretty easy, just takes a bit of planning. I personally love holing up, watching Christmas movies and wrapping gifts! I love seeing all the beautiful packages under the tree when I am finished. Do you have any favorite holiday traditions? 

Happy Wrapping!