Pinch Me

pinch me_green board.jpg

I have been a big green fan for sometime now. I have been told that I have a new favorite color every year, but green has been at the top for the past few years (basically ever since emerald came back in the fashion world). Of course, like most colors green can go bad pretty quickly, but you can't go wrong with a beautiful mint, Kelly green or a super deep rich emerald or hunter green. With spring officially just around the corner and in the air, I figured there was no better way to embrace St. Paddy's Day than to share a few of my favorite green things!

  1. Bold, beautiful, colorful art. A great way to mix in new colors based off the season or if you just want a touch of a color without going to bold with a piece of furniture or paint colors.
  2. One of favorite ways to bring spring into a room is with flowers and plants. These vases although a bit expensive are just the right color and have a touch of gold too!
  3. A soft crushed mint, that looks gorgeous on the walls or accessories. A great Benjamin Moore paint is Quartz Stone.
  4. These jewel-toned agate bookends are great for adding a touch of color with some books on your mantel or shelves. Nothing too fancy, but just a touch of sparkle and richness goes a long way.
  5. I have been obsessed with those intense emerald green curtains since I saw this inspiration image. I am still on the hunt to finding those perfect curtains, but I may have to break down and have them made! I did find something similar here.
  6. Playful green glasses can add just a touch of color to a place setting especially if you have beautiful white dishes with simple floral arrangements on the table.
  7. A great combination of all the most stunning greens. Check out the following Benjamin Moore for the perfect green paint - Bavarian Forest, Jade Green, Ming Jade, Mesquite & Fresh Mint.
  8. The most gorgeous Elitis wallpaper you can imagine. A giant repeat with flowers for miles and the perfect mint mixed in. A great wallcovering to add to a half bath or a focal wall.

Hope everyone enjoys a bit of green & spring today whether in your home or out on the town!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!