Brunching in Cincinnati

A couple images from the Taste of Belgium, Sleepy Bee & The Red Feather.

A couple images from the Taste of Belgium, Sleepy Bee & The Red Feather.

It is officially spring today, and I am beyond excited even if it is a dreary rainy day! I can never decide which is my favorite season spring or summer, but either way the best way to celebrate the sunshine that is bound to happen is going out for brunch! Thankfully, Cincinnati has quite a selection of brunch places that vary from old school diner to all organic and everything in between. I have pulled together some of my favorite places to go and a few additional ones that I haven't yet gotten to explore. Sunny Sundays, mimosas & good friends - what could be better? 

A wall of painted bees by children in Cincinnati for the Sleepy Bee.  A fun wall to look at while you wait to be seated!

A wall of painted bees by children in Cincinnati for the Sleepy Bee.  A fun wall to look at while you wait to be seated!

some of my favorites

Nada - A very eclectic and bold take on Mexican, but one of my favorite places to go for brunch. With some of the best guacamole, chips and cocktails including this refreshing Sparkling Grapefruit drink - naveran cava + elderflower liqueur + grapefruit - this is the place to go downtown. Sometimes it can be a bit busy when there is a show or game going on, but if you can get in, I highly recommend it. The best part, the owners have opened a second one in Columbus!

Taste of Belgium - Known for their mouthwatering chicken and waffles, this is the place to go if you want a classic mimosa or a good Belgium pint of beer. One of the first places down in Over-the-Rhine (OTR) and just around the corner from Washington Park, this is the perfect spot to hit up if you want to meander about and enjoy the sunshine for the day. Again, the wait can be considerably long, but there is some amazing people watching to be had and a few shops in the area to check out! You also can't leave without trying one of the colorful macarons!

Red Feather - A relatively new place in Oakley, the Red Feather just opened up in the original Boca location, which lucky for me is just a few blocks from our house. This past weekend Tyler and I enjoyed the sunshine and walked over to have brunch. I enjoyed a delicious Baltimore Benedict, one of my favorite dishes at brunch, and a refreshing blackberry cocktail. The best part though, were the complimentary beignets which were light as a feather and still warm! Unfortunately, they don't have outside seating, but a nice walk there and their beignets made up for it! 

Sleepy Bee - As you can gather from the name, this place specializes in breakfast and brunch! I didn't even know a place could make it on breakfast alone, but the Sleepy Bee does. It is known for their delicious pancakes as well as having a variety of healthy options including an endless supply of coffee. However, they don't serve alcohol (ie mimosas) which I must admit is a bit of downside, but they do have a quaint outdoor seating space which I thoroughly enjoy! You have to be willing to wait, because this place is ALWAYS busy, but well worth it for sure!  

Echo - If you are looking for a legit diner, this is your place. Echo doesn't try to be anything fancy or healthy, but is all about being a no fuss diner including squeezing in and finding your own seat whether it is a booth, table or bar. You could look at the menu for days, but honestly you can't go wrong. Just be ready, because whether it is a gorgeous day outside or miserably cold you will be waiting for a table although the wait moves much faster than you would imagine!

Comet - One of those places where I can honestly say that I have enjoyed both brunch and dinner on the same day at the same place! Really a down and dirty kind of a place, nothing fancy over in Northside that serves up a hardcore Bloody Mary, the Hot Mess and a ever changing salsa of the month! Not only is it a great brunch, but there is a fun vintage shop next door, Nvision, where I usually make a quick stop and perhaps have been known to leave with a fur coat or two.

in my near future...

Otto's - American with a southern twist, I have been told this is the place to go even if it is in Covington, Kentucky. I haven't actually been to Otto's for lunch, dinner or brunch, but it has been on my list for sometime and I am hoping to actually make it happen this spring.

Annabel's - A very tiny place in Mt. Lookout Square that's specialty is delicious treats, breakfast and lunch. This cute restaurant must be doing something right, because there is always quite a wait on the weekend which is why I haven't gotten a chance to try Annabel's myself. However, it is open both Saturday and Sunday, which is a rare treat!

Maribelle's Tavern- Just around the corner from my house in Oakley, there is a small shopping center and Maribelle's. It is relatively new, but seems to always be bustling with people. It is definitely on my go list of places I need to check out, especially when I am in need of a nice walk too! 

The Rookwood - One of Cincinnati's hidden gems and one of my all time favorite places for dinner. However I haven't yet been to the brunch, but I can only imagine it as the perfect way to spend a spring morning. The Rookwood restaurant is in the original building where the Rookwood pottery was made with giant kilns up in Mt. Adams where there is a beautiful view overlooking the city. When it is warm outside, you can sit out on the porch and check out the view while enjoying a delicious morning cocktail!

Whether you live in Cincinnati or are planning a weekend visit, I highly recommend checking out one of these delicious gems on your list of must sees! Do you have any brunch places that I need to add to my list? 

Happy Brunching!