Gold Spray Paint Round-Up


I am a huge fan of gold, spray paint and good finds and often I find myself combining all three in the end. However like many things, gold can go bad pretty quickly if it isn't the right shade, so I have done a gold spray paint round-up to show the variation in color because let's be honest, the colors on the lids NEVER matches and is quite deceiving! Of course, each one of these could be used for various items and depending on the look one might work better than another. I pulled two popular brands, Krylon and Valspar as well as a pricier professional spray paint, Liquitex and sprayed 3 identical frames. I did a quick primer job with the Valspar primer and then did two coats of gold on each which covered great!

The first up is the popular brand Krylon from Michael's. It is a pretty small can for the $6 price tag even if it is 18k gold. This particular spray paint has a bit more "green" undertone giving it a lot more 80's brass look. It is also SUPER shiny and reflective so be aware! Of course, this color can be great in some situations, but could easily go wrong if you aren't careful!

The frame below is in Michael's Liquitex Professional Antique Gold spray paint. This is one of my favorites, but does come in above the typical spray paint price at $12. The gold is a bit warmer and really does fall into the antique gold color. However, it doesn't have a great reflective quality, but a bit duller. I actually used this on quite a few projects for my wedding which matched perfectly with the Paper Source Antique Gold envelopes.

Everyone knows the brand, Valspar, so I thought I should try out the inexpensive spray paint from Lowe's. Typically I am a big fan of the Valspar spray paint with a great nozzle, great colors and amazing coverage, but this gold threw me for a loop. Not only was my entire hand covered in gold spray paint (which makes me want to paint my nails gold), but the gold came out as a beautiful shiny rose gold. Not that I don't appreciate a good rose gold, but I wouldn't consider it a true gold. So if rose gold is what you are looking for, go for the Valspar!

Of course, there are so many more options out there when it comes to gold spray paint, but these ones are easy to get a hold of and work great depending on the project. I thought I would know my favorite when I was done with this, but each one is so nice... I am glad I have options for my upcoming project! Do you have a gold preference?