Easter Basket Treats

easter treats.jpg

Easter isn't a huge holiday, but it is one of those that still brings everyone together even if it is for an Easter egg hunt, some BBQ and if the weather corporates some time outside. As a little girl, I always loved Easter because it usually involved a beautiful hike on Good Friday, decorating eggs, family and  decorate eggs and getting all dressed up with an Easter hat and dress! The holiday isn't really about gifts, but I thought it would be fun to gather a few things that are pretty inexpensive, and are really just fun spring trinkets that could easily fit inside of an Easter basket. Do you have any Easter traditions?

  1. Who can resist that cute bunny with its shiny gold ears, especially at spring time? It is a great little ceramic piece that can be added not just at Easter, but really anytime if put in the right setting. I know I couldn't resist him, so he sits on my console table in the entry way ready to greet you!
  2. Beautiful gold key rings! One of those things that you don't really need, but just makes grabbing your keys that much nicer & easier!
  3. This cute rose gold change purse is great for those extra pennies or rings and other small trinkets that need to be stored away for a bit. And it isn't too big that it can squeeze into one of those cross body bags for all the spring evenings coming up. 
  4. I have always had a fancy for rings and love when they are out on display. Why not make a bit of splash on your dresser with this whale ring holder. It is great for a few rings and maybe even a couple of bracelets or two!
  5. It is finally beginning to look like sandal season and that can only mean bright polished toes! Essie has some beautiful colors, and "Cute as a Button" is one of my favorites with a pink/orangey salmon color that is great to bring in spring!
  6. Bold, geometric soap stones are beautiful gems that can be set out that will look pretty and still be useful for all those guests coming into town. They have quite of few colors, shapes and sizes, I just loved the mint/turquoise color for spring!
  7. With cool spring nights and grilling in our future, a deck of cards can always be fun sitting out on the deck. These ones have a beautiful floral design on the back, with sketches of the King and Queen which adds just a bit of whimsy to something that usually is pretty ordinary.
  8. I honestly think I have a black thumb, but I keep trying to grow things because having a little bit of life in your house seems so nice. These small, colorful pots seem perfect for a few small plants or even herbs. The only problem is trying to keep them alive, but I figure if I keep trying eventually I will get something to live & if not the pots would make really pretty vases for flowers from the store!
  9. This fall, giant blanket scarves were all the rage, but for spring smaller more delicate ones seem more appropriate it. This scarf would be perfect to throw on with a blazer to add a touch of spring or even a large dark handbag for a bit of color!
  10. A spring list wouldn't be complete without a few baubles for your ears! Instead of big hats at Easter now, I usually go for a statement piece of jewelry like these lovely mint earrings.

What are your Easter plans?

Happy Spring!