Lovely Hostess Gifts

I don't know about you, but I have a heavy case of cabin fever from this miserable winter and bbq's, happy hours and Easter weekend all sound absolutely wonderful! However, with get togethers sometimes the trickiest part is trying to figure out what to bring. Often times, I find that when you ask the host if you can bring anything they say don't worry about it or casually mention bringing alcohol. However, no one ever wants to show up to something empty handed, but sometimes it is hard to know exactly what to bring.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers to a small get together, but sometimes it is nice to think beyond the norm and give the host/hostess something a bit more personal that can be enjoyed beyond that one particular evening.  Don't get me wrong - if you ever come to my home I would love either one of those things! Nonetheless, I have a few favorites that I can easily grab from a local shop, discount store or I have even have ordered a few extra things online so that I am ready when something comes up. Typically, I don't want to spend a small fortune or a huge amount of time, but I like to do something special, so I usually tie a ribbon and a stamped tag to whatever the gift may be and call it done. It looks beautiful, is personal and the hostess can enjoy it when they have some down time! Below are some of my go to's. 

  1. Most everyone uses the timer on their stove or microwave, but sometimes it is nice to have a mobile timer. Of course it is one of those things and you probably wouldn't buy yourself, but these timers are so cute and useful it would be a great little gift to give someone who is into baking or cooking.
  2. I am a huge fan of truffle anything - fries, popcorn, potatoes, but usually I enjoy them when I am out at a restaurant. This small jar of truffle salt would be a simple little addition to anyone's kitchen for adding just a little extra something to simple things like popcorn. If your host isn't into truffle, the same idea could apply by getting some really great spices of sorts from a local spice shop!
  3. This small little crate would be perfect to bring to someone's house filled with any type of fruit or berry. That way your host/hostess can enjoy the fruit in the morning for breakfast, and still have this beautiful crate to use in the future. You could use any small dish if you would like, especially if you are going over to someone's place who just moved in. Bringing a bit of food for the party or for the morning after in a dish that they can keep is always a nice way to add to someone's collection simplify the whole process of getting your dish back! 
  4. I have received quite a few bottles of flavored olive oil and they are such a nice gift if your hostess loves dipping things or cooking. This particular one is infused with garlic, but there are so many options. In fact, Cincinnati even has an olive oil shop,The Spicy Olive, that has giant vats of flavored olive oil for you to try.  I like to add a personal touch with a small thank you tag with a ribbon to any bottles that I bring.
  5. Carly is a huge fan of beautiful cloth napkins, and I can't say I don't enjoy them as well. These ones have a pretty simple metallic pattern that could be used for anything whether to add to a holiday party or to dress up a simple dinner. Dish towels, cloth napkins or bread clothes are a lovely gift because honestly you can never have enough and they add so much to a home!
  6. No one can ever have enough notebooks. These are perfect to have around the kitchen with their water resistant covers, you can make as many lists as you want and have them right next to the sink! Add a pretty ribbon around one and you are good to go!
  7. We have highlighted on the blog multiple times now Voluspa candles, but it is only because we love them so much. This one is perfect for a spring gift with its beautiful floral graphic and its Prosecco Bellini scent, you don't even need to wrap it! It is a bit pricier than some of these other options, but it could be a good gift to a new home owner or if you were visiting someone's home for the weekend.
  8. One of my favorite things to bring to a party is a delicious loaf of bread. It isn't intended to add to the soiree the host has, but instead for the next morning when there is a pile of dishes to be cleaned. I try to grab a loaf from a local bakery, and then tie a thank you tag on it. A couple of my favorites in Cincinnati are the Breadsmith and the Blue Oven. Just be aware that usually bakeries aren't open too late, so you might want to grab it the morning of!
  9. Isn't that the cutest spritzer ever? A hostess gift doesn't always have to involve food or kitchen related item. If your host is big on gardening or beautiful house plants, this is the perfect thing!
  10. Hand wash is one of those things that most people don't really think about spending money on, but is so nice when it is a little extra special. Which makes this hand wash the perfect thing to bring to an open house or weekend visit with its beautiful spring blue bottle and ocean tide, sea salt scent.
  11. Most everyone has a carton of ice cream stored away for a movie night or a pick me up, but wouldn't it be nice to have a melt-in-your-mouth caramel sauce to go with it. A 9 oz jar of caramel sauce can go a long way, and would be a great topper to the end of the night when the host is worn out and just wants to put their feet up. Again, nothing too fancy, but just something a little different that the host can enjoy at a later date is always nice.
  12. As I have mentioned before, I am a huge fan of notes whether they are thank you notes or just simple "hello's." These note-cards would be beautiful tied up with string and given to someone you are visiting. Just make sure they don't feel obligated to write you a thank you note on them!
  13. I love these pot holders! They remind me of the ones we used to make as kids. These ones are super thick, but are still flexible enough that you can actually grab onto your steaming hot dish. These come in all sorts of colors and they are already tied up with a pretty string! If you are looking for a little something for the kitchen, you really can't go wrong with these, or you could even make your own again.

What do you think? Would you be happy to receive one of these lovely little treats or do you have a go to hostess gift that is fail proof? Hope everyone has a lovely spring weekend visiting those you love!