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About two years ago, I stumbled across Curate Boutique on Hyde Park Square in Cincinnati, Ohio and felt like I had hit the jackpot! I had been searching for the perfect boutique that not only had fabulous pieces, but were actually affordable as well. I was reaching the stage where I shouldn't be buying my entire wardrobe from Forever 21, but still wanted to find those unique stylish pieces that could be mixed and matched with my everyday wardrobe without spending a small fortune! Curate fit the bill perfectly, and to top it off, I loved the owner, Courtney Pegran, and staff even more. She is just fantastic in so many ways, but my favorite thing is that she truly believes that every woman should feel special and amazing and if the piece isn't working then it just isn't meant to be! As someone who spends quite a bit of time with women and their insecurities, we have asked Courtney a few questions about her must have's and tips for finding what works for you!

Just a few pieces that are being showcased in the store for spring!

Just a few pieces that are being showcased in the store for spring!

What would you consider your top 5 must have pieces for your closet?

  1. Comfortable black & nude heels! First and foremost, every woman needs a comfortable pair of simple black heels and nude heels.  These two shoes will pair with almost ANY outfit you ever need.  From styling appointments and client meetings at the store, I'm almost always on my feet - Finding heels that are as comfy as they are fierce has changed my life!

  2. A Great Pair of Skinny Jeans. I have learned to never underestimate the power of a great skinny jean. I just got a pair of the high waisted Level 99 jeans we have here at the store and OH MY GOSH I  never want to take them off. I love them too much!  If skinny jeans aren't your thing, that's okay. The real rule here is to have a fabulous pair of jeans that makes you feel sexy in your own skin.

  3. THE Dress. I love a simple dress that still looks like a showstopper. It has to be comfy, a little stretchy, and really make you feel gorgeous in what you are wearing.
  4. A Tailored Jacket. My secret for a 3-second makeover is to add a tailored jacket. It can help make a cocktail dress look more daytime ready, dress up a sun dress, make your denim look more polished, and the list goes on.  The key here is that it should fit you really well -- even a cheap blazer can look like a million bucks with the right tailor/seamstress.
  5. A Statement Piece (or two...) Lastly, I think every girl should find something that she absolutely LOVES that's a little out of her comfort zone. I think it's okay to shell out a little extra money on statement pieces that make an outfit. Whether it's just a really cool jacket, a chunky sparkly necklace, or a pop of color heel - your favorite statement piece will transform great basics like jeans & a tee in to a style blogger worthy outfit.

Do you have a particular style or cut that just always for everyone?

That's a tough one! I would definitely say that a long outer layer (whether it's a coat or a cardigan or a vest) is one of my favorite ways to instantly slim & lengthen your silhouette.  It's a lot easier to throw on a long coat in the winter than in the summer, but we have a few lightweight, sleeveless trench vests here at the store that I always have my clients try on because they are so flattering! 

Great statement pieces as well as basics fill the boutique!

Great statement pieces as well as basics fill the boutique!

What is your favorite part about styling?

I've been in some of these womens shoes. Going into a store and feeling completely lost. Part of my reason for starting Curate was to empower women. No one should ever have to say "I'm just not stylish." I think after a couple styling sessions with our team, every woman can leave feeling confident on knowing how to put together the perfect outfit. Most women don't necessarily know why a shirt or pant doesn't work for them, and we help explain that. It solves all the guessing for when women go shopping. Women can leave the appointments knowing things like "I don't like A-line, straightleg jeans, or low back tops, etc" We help minimize that overwhelming feeling women get when they go shopping. 

What is your favorite thing about owning Curate & styling?

Empowering women, for sure. It's so rewarding. I think every woman deserves to feel sexy and great in whatever she is wearing!

What are some of the tips that you give your clients?

Don't be afraid of trying something on. There is no rule that you have to buy everything you take to the dressing room. Sometimes playing dress up is fun! And if something doesn't fit right - you are not the problem. It's not your weight or shape. Sometimes clothes just fit people weird. Do NOT feel bad about it. If it doesn't make you feel great, it probably shouldn't go home with you anyhow!

As you can see, Courtney knows her "stuff" and the store is filled with lots of statement pieces, tailored basics, sparkly jewelry and colorful accessories. You are bound to find something in Curate that you can't live without, I can attest to this more than I care to admit! Because we want to share our love of Curate, we are partnering with Curate Boutique May 9th from 11-3pm for a lovely Mother's day celebration filled with beautiful paper flowers, mimosas and shopping!  In addition to the days festivities, you will have a chance to win a one - on - one style session with Courtney & 50 dollar gift card to Curate! We hope to see you there, no excuses!

Happy Styling!