Daytona Beach!

Greetings from not so sunny Daytona beach! Despite the looming black clouds and occasional drops of rain I am going to make the most of my last day here on the beach- so this will be a short post! I was planning on sharing a fun beach themed cocktail- which we enjoyed plenty of- but nothing we created seemed quite worth a share. Instead we kept it simple for our trip and tried to soak up as many rays of Florida sunshine. While Daytona isn't the most glamorous destination its a fun beach for a quick trip- the airport is really close to the beach, it's not super expensive, everyone is friendly, and the people (and car) watching is pretty top notch.

Before signing off I did want to thank everyone who entered our Rainwater Farm Illuminating Serum giveaway last Tuesday! We love to see new people on the site and we got lots of responses about how much people love Rainwater Farm products! Our lucky winner for this fabulous giveaway is Tiffany G.! Congrats Tiffany and thanks again to Rainwater Farms for providing the Serum and the discount! Hopefully you were all able to pick up a few things!

That's all for now! Happy Tuesday!!!