Dreamcatcher D.I.Y.

My inspiration: a gorgeous dreamcatcher from Electric Love in a beautiful home in Mexico.

My inspiration: a gorgeous dreamcatcher from Electric Love in a beautiful home in Mexico.

Ever since I saw the above image in an article in Domino Magazine's Summer 2014 issue I've been totally enamored with the natural beauty of these dreamcatchers that the designers at Electric Love create. The combination of simple raw materials- leather strips, natural feathers, quartz, and wood- make for dramatic and eye-catching works of art. I dare you not to fall in love with every one of their unique creations! 

Traditional American Indian dreamcatchers use a woven web of cords made from plants to capture and filter out all the bad dreams, only letting the good dreams pass through. Beads, feathers and arrow heads- pieces found in everyday life- are also used to decorate the dreamcatchers. While taking cues from the traditional craft, the dreamcatchers Electric Love create deviate from the norm, using wood and quartz in place of the woven web. Quartz is believed to store, regulate and release energy and it empowers and protects by amplifying and focusing it's collected energy. In this light it seems like an appropriate stone to incorporate into these artful expressions that are meant to protect you at night.

To make your own artful dreamcatcher you will need:

  • a ring or hoop- traditional dreamcatchers were made with willow hoops; I used a 7" metal hoop for my design
  • leather stripping or cord- I had a hard time finding good quality leather so I used a micro-fiber cord which worked quite well and had nice stretch to it
  • lots of feathers- while many craft stores sell feathers I found a more varied and higher quality selection at Kimonos Feathers on Etsy
  • Quartz points- you may be able to find these locally at a jewelry store or natural health store, but there are many good sources online
  • a medium gauge jewelry wire to attach your quartz point (22 gauge works well)
  • a Y-shaped stick- venture outdoors to find a stick that will nicely fit onto your selected hoop
  • scissors and garden shears to trim the stick

1. Gather all your necessary supplies. I chose cord and feathers in tan and brown tones but feel free to play around with the colors of your cord and feathers.

2. Cut a long length of your leather or suede cord and knot one end of it to your hoop. Leave about 4 inches on the one end.

3. Wrap the cord tightly around the hoop.

4. Cover the entire hoop in your leather cording and twist your ends together creating a loop at the top. Knot the loop tightly and trim your excess cord.

5. Cut varying lengths of your cord and knot them onto the bottom of your ring. I chose to create a pointed fringe, using longer pieces in the center and then using increasingly shorter cords as I worked my way up both sides. When tying my knots I left about 4-5 inches on the other end of the cord, creating additional texture at the base of the ring. When you're happy with the amount of fringe you have add your Y-shaped stick. Lay the stick on top and trim the ends to fit within the size of your ring. I left about 2 inches on all ends of the stick to project out past the ring.

6. Using your cord secure the stick at all ends to your hoop. As I attached the stick I left the ends of my cord long, creating additional fringe. Get creative here with your lengths and placement of additional fringe!

7. Attach your feathers to the ends of your cord and along your hoop. I found it easiest to cut a 5" piece of cord and used that to wrap and attach my feathers to my fringe. Tightly knot all your feathers onto your fringe and hoop. Again play around with the placement and combinations of feathers.

8. When you're happy with your feathers and fringe attach your quartz point to the stick using your wire. Carefully trim your excess wire.

That's it! Hang up your dreamcatcher near your bed (or really anywhere in your house) and enjoy the beauty and benefits of this handcrafted masterpiece!

My finished dreamcatcher!

My finished dreamcatcher!

Sweet dreams!

Have a great holiday weekend!