Gifts for Grads


As Carly mentioned yesterday, it is officially May and time for all things celebratory including graduations, weddings, baby showers, concerts and end of the year festivities. Don't get me wrong, I am always up for a celebration, but sometimes all of it together can just be a bit overwhelming and finding the perfect gift on top of everything else just seems impossible and can get pricey pretty quick. Of course, in any of the above situations you really can't go wrong with a check or gift card, but personally I love to give useful, yet sentimental gifts. I know for myself, that when I moved into my first "adult" apartment all I had for the kitchen was a beautiful delicate cake stand! Mind you, I am still working on learning how to make a cake!


So this year both my brother & sister in-law are graduating college and will be going out into the "real world" soon, so I wanted to give them something that really would help them start their first adult apartment! For Jacob, I went with this super handy 83-Pc tool set that my dad bought me when I graduated. I swear it has come in handy more than you know and it comes such a durable bag that keeps everything together.

Another great gift is to collect an assortment of items that all belong together whether for the kitchen, bathroom or gardening. This can get pretty expensive pretty quickly, but I highly recommend going to a place like Target, Home Goods, or TJ Maxx that sell high quality products, but for a fraction of the price. The kitchen basket I pulled together for Josie included - 2 cutting boards, oven mitt & pot holder, dish towels, mixing bowls and the basket to pull it all together (and you can never have too many baskets!). I like to try and get everything at one spot so that if there are returns it isn't complicated and because you can really pull together a story when you have all the pieces in one spot. Just make sure you set a budget before you get started and stick to it, otherwise you can spend some serious money!

a few more ideas that may come in handy...

  • Crazy Multi Head floor lamp - might not be the cutest thing, but perfect for dorm rooms!
  • Art - A piece that may relate to the city they lived in or has some personal significance
  • Perfume - I got my sister a bottle when she graduated high school/turned 18 as a memento to becoming a woman.
  • Towels - If it is for the dorm room, go quick drying and not to fancy. A new apartment, go fluffy and big!
  • Cleaning Supply Bucket - It is crazy how expensive cleaning supplies can be, but they are a necessity for sure. A bucket full of your personal favorites is a great way to start someone in an apartment even if it isn't glamorous!
  • Home Accessories - When we first bought our home, a friend gave me a beautiful cheese board, coasters and a candle. It was just a few things, but it really helped start to make the house feel like a home!
  • Bedding - Lovely bedding is always a nice treat too. My sheets from college were ready for retirement, so starting with fresh new sheets is always nice when you climb into bed! 

These are just a few ideas, but hopefully it makes the whole process a little bit more fun for you and the one you are celebrating! Just remember, it is the thought that counts, and in most new stages of life you really don't have all that much so anything new and fresh is exciting! A little shout out to Jacob & Josie... Congrats on graduating and good luck on your next adventure! 

Happy Celebrating!