Summer Refresh

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Summer is a state of mind, but a few extra accessories can't hurt to get you in the spirit! With Summer officially here and bringing with it a hot sauna of 90 degrees, it only seems appropriate that we share a few summer inspired accessories. In March, we did a Pillow Roundup, but you can mix and match with more than just pillows. We have pulled together three variations that use more than just pillows, but give a "wink" to these hot summer months! 

Tips & Tricks 

  • Mix in new throw blankets! I love a beautiful soft, animal fur, but come summertime no one wants to crawl under one of those! Bring in soft, light weight throws for when the nights get cool and you need a little something extra for the chill. I love to include big thick stripes, it seems to bring a slightly nautical element to your space! 
  • Not everything you bring into your home needs to be one big large statement, small little treasures found throughout your home are nice too! 
  • Summer is the time to enjoy those bright, bold colors, so don't be nervous go for it! Just try and remember that you don't want to do too many colors, because it might just look a bit chaotic. Either stay within a particular family such as blues or pick a few colors that work well together. 
  • Embrace those crisp, fresh whites that are EVERYWHERE! Yes, they may get dirty, but for the most part things can wash and if you don't spend too much on it then don't worry about it. I wouldn't make everything white, but make sure you have a bit mixed in as your neutral. 
  • Play with natural, textured woods and various wood tones. Don't worry about trying to match all your wood tones exactly, it will drive you crazy! Instead, make sure when you use different woods that there is some relationship between the two that pulls it all together. 
  • Make sure to add greenery! This may seem common sense, but often times we forget about adding a little life with some live plants. I personally am still working on keeping them alive, but if you can can I highly recommend adding them to your space or cutting flowers from your garden! 
  • Buy things that are versatile and can be used again! I am all for mixing things up throughout the seasons, but it is also nice to find pieces that you can mix and match throughout the year. Of course there will be some things that just don't work when its snowing outside, but use what you can! 

Hope this makes you want to celebrate summertime even more! I personally lean towards the Summer Nights collection, but honestly could go anyway especially if I had a cabin on the lake or a beach house... Which one is your favorite? Either way, I am happy summer has finally arrived and sunshine & water are part of the everyday! 

Happy Summer! 


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