Affordable Wedding Gifts

Instead of finding a piece of art, give the gift of framing with an easy, beautiful finished product at Framebridge!

Instead of finding a piece of art, give the gift of framing with an easy, beautiful finished product at Framebridge!

We are officially in the heart of wedding season, and though I don't have too many to attend this year, I have a few friends who have 8 in one year! Everyone loves going to weddings, but sometimes they can become a bit of a drain on the pocket book with gifts, attire and travel. As someone who recently had a wedding, the most amazing feeling throughout the whole process was the amount of love that was showered upon Tyler and I. It was just an incredible few months. Some of that love was shown through gifts, but it was also shared through gifts of labor, time and personal hand written notes. So you don't have to spend your month's rent, but instead stay within your budget and give something from the heart that means something to you and the couple! Don't worry, gifts off the registry are great, but something that is a bit more special is always remembered!

  1. This beautiful ceramic wishbone is hand crafted at Cincinnati's local, historical Rookwood Pottery. A whimsical piece that brings good luck and best wishes to the happy couple. This may be a bit on the pricey side, but would be a great unique piece for a couple's new home together!
  2. A hand written note is a priceless gift that only takes a bit of time and thought. This confetti shaker card brings a bit of celebration with your sentimental note, which will most likely be kept for years to come.
  3. Simple glassware is always appreciated. A great thing about glassware is that you can buy as many or as few as your budget allows. These timeless double old-fashioned glasses are a great addition to any couple's bar, and you don't need eight of them to enjoy a few old-fashions.
  4. If the couple has a new home or yard, that you expect to be hosting a few parties, this yard dice game is the perfect gift. It is one of those things that you wouldn't ever buy yourself, but will be a part of quite a few memories over the years.
  5. If the couple loves to cook using fresh spices, this simple Scandinavian bottle grinder spice mill set is a nice addition to the everyday essentials. The best part, these bottles make sure that you don't have extra spices hanging out on the tabletop!
  6. Towels are another great addition to any home. Again, this is a great gift that you can choose how many pieces you really want to purchase. I often try to buy at least two, one for each. If the couple lives in a small apartment, these Peshtemal towels are great for quick drying with a bit of luxury mixed in!
  7. This glamorous mineral cluster decanter is perfect thing for any couple who loves good cocktails and is looking to add to their bar cart. This will elevate any liquor that you pour inside!
  8. These hand-dyed leather coasters would be perfect with a hand written note. Sometimes smaller gifts with a hand quality add a little extra detail to your home that you wouldn't typically spend money on, which make for an ideal wedding gift.
  9. What better way to snuggle in wedding bliss than with a hand crafted cotton rope Hammock. Again, this may be a bit pricey, but it would make a great addition to any new backyard or porch.

Hope you find the perfect gift for all those happy couples out there! And don't forget that it is the thought that counts, not how much you spent!

Happy Wedding Season!


ps. I may be married, but I would take anything on this list any time of the year!