Happy Friday friends!

Amanda and I both love treating ourselves to fresh-cut flowers to add a bit of color and life into our homes, however this decorative indulgence can really add up. There are a few places like Trader Joe's who offer inexpensive blooms almost year-round, and many grocery stores will offer slightly tired-looking blooms at a reduced rate. I often find that you can save a little if you pick up a few bunches of different types of flowers to create your own colorful bouquet rather than purchasing a pre-arranged one. If you're smart in your selections, having fresh flowers regularly in your home can be done without breaking the bank. This is truer than ever now as it is gladiolus season! These tall colorful beauties are big on looks and small in price, usually ringing in at under $3 for a bunch from your local grocery store. Their colors are often deeply saturated and the range of hues they come in is truly astounding; they offer something for every palette and preference. For me, the best thing about gladiolus (besides the price) is that they are bold enough to display on their own in a tall vase- no filler or extra flowers needed. Of course their statement-making height and rich color are also the perfect accent to a larger bouquet of flowers as well- you really can't go wrong picking up a bunch of gladiolus! 

2015-07-23 20.28.27-1.jpg

The key to a great gladiolus display is in the vase. You'll need a sturdy vase that is tall enough to balance the height of the gladiolus stems and that has a relatively narrow opening to provide some structure and support. Amanda gave me this gorgeous vase from High Street in Cincinnati that seems to have been made for showcasing these flowering beauties! After finding the right vase all you need to do is trim the ends (scissors work just fine) and arrange them as you like. Try picking up a few complementary colors to mix together!

Beauty on a budget is possible! Have a great weekend!