Affordable Baby Gifts

A beautifully drawn, baby's first year calendar by the lovely Kristen Dake of Homeseed. A great gift for something a bit more personal that will be a keepsake down the road for you and your child.  

A beautifully drawn, baby's first year calendar by the lovely Kristen Dake of Homeseed. A great gift for something a bit more personal that will be a keepsake down the road for you and your child.  

Not sure exactly when it happened, but I feel like I have slowly been transitioning from buying wedding gifts to baby gifts! I understand that it is the natural order of things, but it is still hard to believe that babies have become part of the norm. When I first started buying baby gifts I had no clue where to start, so I went to the cute children's boutique, Spotted Goose, in Cincinnati. It is playful and imaginative and has a beautiful collection of clothes and gifts. I tend to not purchase clothing, but have found a few favorite things that I like to purchase there. I never imagined I would have a go-to baby list, but I do! In honor of all the new babies out there that makes everyone's life a bit more complicated but full of love, here are a few things that I love to buy as a welcome to the world gift. 

  1. These hand crafted knitted dolls from Bla Bla Kids or as I like to call them - lovies, are super soft and make a great gifts for newborns or 1 year old birthday parties. The options are endless including dogs, frogs and fairies. Each one can be personalized with clothes, but honestly are pretty perfect all on their own. 
  2. The giraffe blankie is another great gift that is a bit smaller in price and size. I have been told by multiple parents that it is the perfect little security blanket. It is pretty small, cashmere soft with various animal options. The perfect piece to mix in with a few other smaller items. 
  3. Gifts are always nice, but nothing describes your excitement better than a sweet card full of personal tips & tricks or excitement and love. Either way, you can't go wrong with an "Over the Moon" notecard. 
  4. The Puj Tub is a simple, affordable tub that will fit into any sink, easy to dry and store. If you are looking for something a bit more practical, but still a bit special, the Puj Tub is the way to go. 
  5. The Beco Baby Carrier may be a bit expensive for one person, but it has come highly recommended by a friend who swears by it. In fact, the carrier has a true following with baby carrying workshops and facebook pages solely dedicated to it. My understanding is that the carrier is completely hands free, so ideally you can love on your baby and accomplish a few things at the same time! This is the perfect gift if a few people want to go in on a gift together! 
  6. These Swaddle Blankets are really big and made out of 100% cotton muslin, which only means it gets softer with each wash. I have bought these for friends on numerous occasions and have only heard amazing things. These even work for super long babies! I have a friend who has had two little girls who have been over 21" long from birth, and nothing seemed to work for swaddling until she found these, which covered all their toes and fingers. 
  7. As a parent, I can only imagine that clothes are one of the most popular gifts. Although tempting, I often try to stay away from clothes unless I really am not sure what to buy. However, little tiny shoes are hard to resist. These polka-dot moccasins are great for when little ones start walking around. Make sure when you buy these that you buy them for the future.
  8. My understanding is that you can't run out of onesies. These onesies are simple and could work with anything. I highly recommend buying these for the future (ie bigger sizes) so that the baby will grow into them! 
  9. My favorite gift of all time to give are beautifully illustrated children's' books. I often find myself inside the Blue Manatee lost in story books looking for the perfect one. One of my favorites is "Owl Babies," which isn't too popular so the likely hood of the baby having it is pretty low. Don't forget to add a sweet note inside with the date and name! 
  10. So many people swear by noise machines, but I have to say they aren't typically all that pretty. However, these animal cloud machines look sweet and soft and would be beautiful sitting on the dresser, night stand or bookshelves making just enough sound so everyone can sleep! 
  11. These critter bath wraps are nice for the first child, but are the perfect gift for the second child. I love to give these with the child's name monogrammed on the towel so that they will have something that is all their own! 

Not that I am a mom, but I honestly don't think you could go wrong with any of the gifts above. In fact, some of them are great to put together as a grouping or even go in on with a few friends for one big item. Either way, it is always fun to celebrate new life and all that comes with it! 

Congrats to all the new moms or moms to be out there!