Fancy Hair Accessories

Ever since I saw the two images above, I have been intrigued with using bobby pins as an accent rather than a hidden necessity. I had done a bit of online shopping looking for pretty, gold pins and everything I found was charming, but I kept thinking how silly it would be to buy colored bobby pins. That's when I decided that I could probably use the trusty spray paint technique and paint them any color I wanted! Of course, I chose bright white and gold, which luckily I had on hand and then went to town spraying! 

  1. Purchase a sleeve of bobby pins in your hair color. Of course once you spray paint them they will no longer blend in, but how many colored pins do you really need? I only sprayed about 7 of each color. Space the pins out and cut the paper in sections depending on how many colors you plan to spray. 
  2. Flip over the pins so the smooth part faces you. Surprisingly there is a misnomer that the smooth part should go into your hair, however bobby pins slip less if you put the "bumpy" part into your hair. Spray the smooth part with your color, and voila, 1 coat and your done! 
  3. Enjoy your new bobby pins in an up-do or just for a bit more variety to your everyday hair style. 
Elastic hair ties from Anthropologie, which are super cute, but so simple to make! 

Elastic hair ties from Anthropologie, which are super cute, but so simple to make! 

  • Another great accessory that I believe almost everyone uses if they have long hair is hair ties. The past few years, soft, colorful polyester hair ties have become quite popular. They don't destroy your hair, they add a bit of playfulness to a pony, but stores are charging $15 for 5 hair ties! I have to admit I have purchased at least one pack, but this past May Carly and I discovered the same elastic, 5/8" fold-over elastic, at Jo-Ann Fabrics for $3 a yard. We felt like we hit the jackpot! There were so many colors and they even had glitter. You can also purchase all sorts of colors, patterns and textures online here. Above, you can see how simple it is to make your own! 
  1. Cut the elastic into approximately 9 1/2" long strips. 
  2. Fold the elastic in half and tie a knot at the very end. Once tied, burn the ends for a few seconds to clean-up the leftover strings. 
  3. Wear it either on your hand just in case or in your hair! 

So there you have it. Two very quick, simple and inexpensive hair accessories that you can personalize and do in minutes! Are you for hair accessories or keep it simple with just long locks?