Party Festivities

1. Pineapple bowling, why not? 

1. Pineapple bowling, why not? 

It is only Wednesday, and I am already worn out! This week has been full of work and play, which have both been quite enjoyable this week. It has without a doubt been a week that fits the mantra, "work hard, play hard!" Which only leads me to think of all the playing that will be happening on September 4th over our lovely 3 day weekend. As Carly mentioned before, we will be sharing a few of our party planning recommendations every Wednesday leading up to Labor Day. 

Carly and I are both happy to participate in any party including drinks, food and socializing, but sometimes a few games gets the crowd going a bit. Yard games are the perfect thing to get people to loosen up a bit letting their competitive side out, especially for those introverts who need a few drinks and an ice breaker for them to feel relaxed and at home. A few of my personal favorites include giant jenga, bocce ball and horseshoes. I am terrible at all three, but yard games are for letting loose and enjoying sunshine and drinks. 

  1. I can honestly say that I have never actually pineapple bowled before at a party, but it does look somewhat fabulous! How it all works seems a bit of a mystery, but that doesn't mean you can't try! 
  2. In the past few years, bocce ball has become quite popular at bars with giant sandpits where everyone can join in. There is no reason to bring the idea to a back yard shindig without the sandpit! Here is a great set that isn't too pricey and would work great in your yard! 
  3. The carnival game ring toss is the perfect, inexpensive DIY game. Save a few wine bottles and buy a few rings and you have yourself a fun personalized game. 
  4. Giant jenga is one of my favorite games. It doesn't involve tossing, throwing or catching anything just simple balance and a little bit of luck. This is a great game to set up on a side table and usually gets people pretty excited to see who is going to crash the whole set. Jenga is another great game that is a pretty easy DIY and can be personalized. 
  5. I haven't personally played yard dice, but something about giant dice rolling around in the yard seems a bit like Alice in Wonderland, which only makes me like it more. This set comes with 4 different games that you can play. 
  6. I am terrible at this game! For some reason, I can't seem to make a connection to the racket and the birdie, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a casual game in the backyard. This game does require a bit more space, but would be perfect for a yard that goes for miles. 
  7. An immediate crowd pleaser, corn hole is usually found at all tailgating or home parties. I have also discovered that there are some serious players out there, so make sure you match up with a partner that knows what they are doing - that doesn't include me... but I'll play anytime!

8.  You can't have a summer bash without a bonfire. Of course, depending on location and the size of the yard, a bonfire might really just be an awesome fire, nonetheless it is a major requirement. And you can't have a fire without s'mores! Make sure you have all the fixings ready to go, including the sticks, chocolate and graham crackers! 

9.  A great way to end the night, especially for a Labor Day party, is with sparklers! Who doesn't love to play with sparklers? Make sure you get the 20" length so that you have plenty of time to light and play with them. This is one of those easy, inexpensive extra special things that is great to add to any party that is goes into the evening! 

We plan to have a few of these at our summer bash including a bon fire, giant jenga, corn hole, sparklers and maybe even the pineapple bowling?  Just remember it is all for fun, and there is no reason you have to be excellent at it. If that were the case, I would never play a game involving hand/eye coordination! 

Do you have any favorite yard games that are always included in any event you throw?