Bedding 101

Don't you just want to spend the night in one of these beds? 

Don't you just want to spend the night in one of these beds? 

Who doesn't love falling into bed at night ready to snuggle in, watch a Netflix show or burry your nose in a book that or sleeping in until the sun beams in on you? In fact, I am dreaming of crawling into bed now! However, it can be quite difficult coordinating all your bedding and making sure you don't spend a small fortune while you do it; in fact, it can be such a chore that a bed-in-a-bag almost seems okay. There are some things that are worth spending money on and a good night sleep is one of them. A restless, sleepless night can only mean a sore back with a long day ahead and a serious lack of concentration. However, everything on your bed doesn't have to be the most expensive thing out there, but instead it is important to know what and where you should spend your money! And like everything else out there, there are more than enough options for the look and feel of your bed. We have pulled together a few of our favorites with a few tips & tricks! 

Sexy & Seductive 

  • Simple, neutral and all about the rich linen sheets! In fact, I may have included a bit too many!
  • Make sure to play with various colors or tones. Warm grays, soft whites with a touch of metallic are going to be easy to play off of in the rest of the room. 
  • The throw or coverlet can easily be switched out for seasons. I love a luxurious fur, but in the heat of a summer a lighter, quilted coverlet may be a better route. 
  • Ideally, this will be going in my master bedroom! 

Fun & Flirty 

  • Still using white as a dominate element, however bringing in little hits of color and pattern creates a playful bedding combination. 

  • Play with scale! The sheets have a small splattered dot, which from a distance may be hard to see, so using a bolder Sham with lots of color works great. 

  • Of course adding a bit of solid color with a few accent pillows grounds the whole bed, and  you can't forget to add a touch of metallic and the coverlet is the perfect spot! 

Tips & Tricks for Picking Bedding

  • Spend money on your sleeping pillows & mattress! Often times mattress stores have great deals on those random 3 day holidays - Memorial Day, Labor Day, Presidents Day. If you are thinking of buying one, try and wait until there is a sale! 
  • I often lean towards Restoration Hardware, West Elm and Target for my bedding, however always make sure to check out places like Home Goods or TJ Maxx for some good deals. It usually isn't too expensive, and if you mix and match you can get the overall price lower. Similar to mattresses, often stores have big White Sales which is the perfect time to buy bedding. Often, I get an idea of the look & feel and then slowly add to the collection! 
  • Adding layers, textures, weight and color make for a more interesting palette and becomes versatile through all the seasons. I love a down comforter for most of the year, but sometimes a coverlet or sheet is all you need! 
  • I love white, crisp sheets except honestly no matter what you do they don't seem to stay fresh all that long. Therefore, unless you go with linen sheets, I recommend not spending all that much. Go for something inexpensive that you don't mind replacing in a year or two. 
  • I love a down comforter, in fact I sleep with one almost all year, but I struggle with the sizing of duvets. They never seem to fit exactly right! Now a good duvet usually has ties inside it so that you can tie all the corners to the actually comforter. When you are buying a duvet double check for the ties, or make sure to buy these clips to hold all the corners together! 
  • Having multiple sets of sheets, coverlets & decorative pillows for a bed is a super easy way to transition from each season. During the winter, I love having large stripes or colored flannel sheets, but come summer I am ready for white crisp ones! Again, don't feel compelled to buy all the pieces in one time. 
  • Don't forget to occasionally wash your duvet cover. If you use a top sheet, which you should do, then you don't have to wash it near as often! 
  • Make sure all your pillows and mattress have pillow protectors or mattress covers on them. These keep oils and dirt at bay so that your pillows and mattress last longer! Even with pillow protectors on, it is a good idea to wash your pillows about twice a year. 
  • Most importantly, make sure that when it all comes together that is not only beautiful, but that it is comfortable to you! 

Rustic & Masculine 

  • Playing mostly with texture and pattern, the most important thing to remember is to have a variety of different scales & textures. 
  • Overall, this concept may go a bit more masculine or cabinesque, but any of these would be beautiful mixed in to your everyday in the fall. 
  • Keeping these sheets more in the neutrals with a touch of dark gray, gives it a bit more of a feminine vibe than the inspiration image. 

Which one is your favorite? Do you love bright, cheery bedrooms or dark and cozy? I need to decide soon, so that I can finally pull together the master and the guest room! I am hoping that the bedrooms can become my next fall/winter project for all our winter guests! For more information on bedding care, check out Ms. Martha who gives all the facts about making your bedding last! 

Happy Sleeping!


Inspirational images found here: Left & right, Sexy & Seductive, Fun & Flirty, Rustic & Masculine