Fall into the Beat!

Happy hump day! Hard to believe today is the last day of September! Having spent a good portion of this month out of the country, it's nice to return back to the comforts of home and reacquaint myself with all the things I didn't have while gone- burgers and quesadillas, Netflix and HBO, large lattes with extra shots of espresso and a reliable internet connection ... Ah the joys of being back in the Midwest!

In addition to wearing out my new sandals while I walked my way through Italy, I also 'wore out' all my saved Spotify playlists that I had brought along to listen to on my trip.  So to celebrate the end of September and the beginning of the fall season, Amanda and I pulled together a playlist of some new tunes, old favorites, and songs that just make us happy!

We hope you enjoy this mix and have a fabulous Wednesday!