Last Summer Celebration!

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It is officially September and Labor Day has passed, so fall is just around the corner, but that didn't mean that we didn't go out with a bang! It was a hot 90+ degrees on Sunday afternoon in Cincinnati, but we gathered underneath the fan and sipped on a very dangerous pineapple, mango punch. Overall it was a low key party, with a little bit of pineapple sprinkled throughout. I didn't go over the top with decorations, but kept it simple using flowers, pineapple and a colorful spread of food. I didn't take too many photos because I was enjoying myself and hosting more than documenting, but I have a few!  

Some of the tasty food that we enjoyed! I hadn't tried the BBQ recipe out before, so I just hoped that it would be delicious and thankfully it turned out amazing! In fact, Tyler was quite disappointed he only got one sandwich and has requested BBQ in the very near future. If I were to do it again, I would put it in the oven the night before the party just to give it as much time as possible to cook! The melon was super easy of course, and was great for kids. The little ones loved standing outside dripping in melon juice which led to happy parents. The pineapple guacamole was also completely gone by the end of the night. The pineapple gave it a little sweet twist and was also easy to make ahead of time. Just make sure that you cover the bowl with saran-wrap and push all the way down until it touches the guacamole and it will stay a lovely green until ready to serve! We did make a quick change from lemon cake to an ice cream cake, which seemed more appropriate with heat and time... all I had to do was pick it up! 

A few of my favorite ladies before we got all sweaty in the 90+ weather outside! Celeste, the lady in white, hand made the delicious & beautiful macarons! As you can see, I really didn't do much decorating other than where the food and drinks were in hopes that most everyone would be spending time outside playing jenga & cornhole, which worked out great! I did keep all the food and drinks inside so that I wasn't fighting the heat. 

Hope everyone enjoyed their three day weekend whether it was spent relaxing with friends or going out with a bang! If you are curious to see all the preparations for the party you can check them all out - invites, music, festivities and menu