Helpful Apps

There are so many amazing places to find inspiration now a days - blogs, pinterest, instagram but sometimes it can all be a bit overwhelming to pull it all together and make something happen. I am one of those people who gathers every image you could possibly imagine and then slowly eliminates them, and I am a HUGE fan of lists. I don't know if there is just too many ideas in my head, but the more I get down & quick the better. Carly and I have pulled some of our favorite apps that help gather quick and easy inspiration for parties as well as apps that help you get organized and make your life easier through the whole process. Some of these are our personal favorites, while others we haven't used as much, but they are on one my many lists to include for any upcoming events!

  1. Doodle is a great resource for making any sort of plans. When you send out a Doodle, there is a simple survey often with dates and/or places that you can select from getting a quick response from people without a hundred emails going back and forth. It is also a great way to not really call anyone out and still get the best date that works for everyone. We use it regularly for our quarterly dinners! 
  2. These cards are so beautiful and graphic and they are all digital with the option of printed invites as well. The only hold up I have with Paperless Post is they have a "coin" system that I think seems a bit complicated and not necessary when there are so many options are available for free digital cards. 
  3. I typically a girl all about making lists on paper and crossing off with vengeance, but  Wunderlist is amazing for making all sorts of lists and keeping you organized. The app is also connected to your phone, computer and ipad so no matter where you are you can jot a quick thought down, unlike myself with having 50 different sticky notes in various places! 
  4. Evite has been popular for years, and is a great option for free digital cards. I don't think the designs are as beautiful as Paperless Post, but there are so many more options for free and it is super easy to work on. Having the app is great when you are planning any type of party so you can see who all is attending no matter where you are! 
  5. New York Times Cooking App is one of Carly's favorites. Not only is it free, but is an amazing resource for food, cocktails and anything else you could imagine creating and of course it has some gorgeous imagery! This is one of her go to's and may be come mine in the very near future. 
  6. You can't have an entire grouping of apps for entertaining without an app for cocktails. Liquor Cabinet is a great way to come up with ideas of making cocktails with ingredients you already have in your "liquor cabinet or bar cart." Sometimes it can be so frustrating to find a recipe and more likely than not you have 3 of the 4 ingredients. Liquor Cabinet takes an inventory of what you have on hand and then lists recipes that work with what you have! Super clever for sure. Unfortunately, this app does cost a whopping .99 cents. 
  7. Capsule Cam is perfect for planning a wedding, a work event or any party where you will be renting a space and will have loads of pics. This app keeps all your pics together in an album for an event that will then be shared with a group of people. This works for when you are snapping shots of a space and need to reference it in the future. It keeps things organized and allows everyone to be on the same page. And the best part, when the party is happening and all over, you still have all the photos from beginning to end all in one place. 
  8. There is no party without food,which can be a big undertaking in itself. Personally I don't hate grocery shopping, in fact Saturday and Sundays are amazing with so many free samples, but that doesn't mean I want to spend 4 hours in one before a party. OurGroceries is a great way to create a grocery list including all the ingredients within each of your recipes.  Just one more app to keep things simple! 
  9. And if you want to go the extra mile and get creative on your invites, photography or menu check out Skillshare. This is the perfect app with lots of tutorials and quick sessions on how to do calligraphy or simply just taking better photos! It makes the whole process a little more fun & less stressful!  

Do you have any apps that help you get organized and ready for a party or even a small get together? These will be put to use very soon for on Oscar Party as well as finding a new recipe for our Friday cocktails! 

Happy Planning!