Academy Awards Invite

It is officially award season, and though I enjoy watching all the award ceremonies and red carpet in the new year, I really love the Academy Awards. It is all about Hollywood Glam, champagne and of course the awards, which only means that a party is only appropriate. It is usually in late February when everyone is becoming a bit antsy and needs something to look forward to and a reason to get all glam'd up, so an Academy Awards party is the perfect thing. Last year, we created a ballot to use during the ceremony, but this year we are taking it up a notch and sharing an invite, decorations, menu and of course the ballot. Starting off the set is our glamourous invite that we created for our party and for you! 

We have created a simple PDF that can easily be customized with your personal address by downloading the editable PDF here. You can either print, email or even send it out using Paperless Post which we mentioned last week here! Paperless Post is a great way to get an invite out quickly and they have some beautiful invites, however sometimes I think they charge a bit much especially when you are designing your own. However, it really is best to do whatever works for you!

paperless post.png

Just remember, an invite doesn't have to be too complicated, most often simple is better. Give the info, a little wink to the event and maybe just a touch of sparkle and you should be good! However, if you don't want to spend the time or don't have the time, you are more than welcome to use ours and make it your own! Hope everyone is getting excited for a night of glam! 



Oscar Image from here.