Super Bowl 50!!!

I am not a huge football fan or even really know what is going on most of the time, in fact, I had never been to an NFL game until the playoffs this year, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy a good Super Bowl party. This year is bigger than ever considering it is the big 50, which only gives you a better excuse to go all out and add fun details like gold straws & decor that honestly don't relate at all to the game. Honestly though, you don't have to do all that much except prepare some good American food. When planning a Super Bowl party there are few key elements that keep the whole atmosphere low key and flexible. Instead of cooking a big meal, go for lots of easy, hand-held bites that don't need utensils and can be prepared ahead of time so that everyone including you has a great time. Entertainment is obvious as it being all about the game, but make sure there are plenty of seats so everyone can be comfortable and not playing musical chairs. And last but not least, have it all ready before the game so everyone can grab a bite before kick-off! 


  1. Addicting homemade Chex Mix is a great snack that can be eaten throughout the entire game that everyone both meat lovers and vegetarians can munch on all night. What is even better is you can make it a day ahead of time, and it will still be delicious and most likely gone by the end of the night! 

  2. An American football game just isn't American without wings. These BBQ wings aren't super easy and involve a crock-pot so they will stay warm all the way up until you need to set them out for guests. Just make sure to make a lot, worst that happens is you have left overs for Monday. 

  3. No party is complete without guacamole and salsa, and this one is a personal favorite. It is easy, adaptable and is a fresh item on the menu. For salsa I always go with Garden Fresh from Kroger. It tastes super fresh, isn't too pricey and you just have to pick it up and put it in a bowl and it looks like you spent some serious time on it. You don't need to do both guacamole and salsa, but I highly recommend it! 

  4. I love Mac & Cheese and these muffins are perfect for a party. You don't need to keep them super warm and they are already individualized. This particular recipe includes prosciutto, but if you have a few vegetarians you can leave it out of a few or all of them. I do recommend making these day of if possible. 

  5. Another great potluck recipe is this spinach and artichoke dip. I try not include meat in every recipe, so this is a great one that also includes some fresh bread. This recipe has some serious cheese and isn't healthy at all, but oh soo worth it! 

  6. It is good to have a few fresh healthy items on the table, and veggies are a great solution. A simple green herb dip is way better than the pre-packaged dip at the store, and this one doesn't take long to make. I highly recommend cucumbers, red peppers, carrots, celery and maybe broccoli for a mix of color and texture. 

  7. Miniature sausage breads are pretty much amazing and possibly my favorite thing on the menu! I make large sausage bread pretty frequently and this is a similar recipe that is a bit smaller scale. I do highly recommend adding Bob Evan's Italian Sausage to the roll as well, just don't add too much so it still rolls tight! Marinara sauce can be on the side as well or just enjoy plain depending on whether you want to worry about red sauce on your furniture. 

  8. Honestly, I am mostly a savory kind of girl, but sometimes you just need a little sweet at the end. These Flourless Brownie Bites were too cute to pass up. You can also add frosting to the Kroger Brownie Bites and get the same effect if you are running low on time, but these do look amazing! 


And if you really aren't into the game and you are there for the food & the half time show - which is Beyonce, Cold Play & Bruno Mars this year, then enjoy a good game of Bingo! Last year we played and it made the game so much more entertaining, and I even actually watched the game for a period of time. We have created 10 different Bingo cards that you can download and print to 8 1/2 x 11 and pass out when people come in. I recommend having a fun prize for the winner, which makes everyone put a little extra effort in. Sadly I will not be hosting my own Super Bowl party this year, mostly because I will be spending the weekend in Columbus with Carly, but that's okay we have an Academy Awards party coming up that I may be a tad bit more excited about! 

Go Broncos!


Super Bowl Image from here