End of Bed Solutions

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With the holidays just around the corner, it is the perfect time to make a few tweaks around the house that don't necessarily take up a whole weekend, but make a big impact. The most recent change in our home has been the modification at the end of the guest bed. Years ago, just after college, I stumbled upon the hot pink velvet bench above and couldn't resist buying it. If I remember correctly, the bench cost $25, which should have been a sign to leave it, but I didn't and I have dragged it all over. At first glance the piece doesn't look too bad, but a piece of fur and basket can cover some serious sad spots. Either way, it was time for it to go. I knew I wanted to replace the bench with something new, but I wasn't quite sure what. So I began my hunt! 


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Above shows two different options that I considered - one piece with thin black metal legs or two smaller pieces with a touch of wood and brass. As you can see, the one piece was about $180 while the two smaller pieces from Target added up to be about the same at $160 for both pieces (again the price tags are left on for reference). I really liked the single piece, but the legs seemed a bit sad with the thick brass bed legs. There isn't much blackened metal in the room. The full-length mirror is the only piece, which seems to blend into the navy walls and may be painted a new color in the future. So, although I preferred the single piece, the two pieces together also worked nicely and connected all the finishes together.  

As the photos show above, having something at the end of the bed helps ground the bed a bit more, and can be rather useful too, especially in a guest room. Below are a few guidelines of things to think about when you put something at the end of the bed. 

  • Typically there isn't much room in a bedroom except for items you really need, so make the item at the end of the bed useful! In our master, I have a trunk full of shoes while in the guest bedroom, it is a bench for guests to set luggage or personal items on.  
  • Ideally, the piece/pieces should be 2/3 of the overall length of the bed. In other words, find a piece that sits within the bed frame giving it room to breath. 
  • These pieces are usually pretty versatile, so when buying it keep in mind the piece may be used elsewhere one day, possibly at an entrance, along a hallway, another bedroom or even seating at the dining table. 
  • In this particular instance, I didn't want too much pattern/color as the room is a dark navy and there are plaid drapes (not shown), so I wanted something more on the neutral side. If the rest of the room is neutral, this may be a great place to add color/texture. 
  • Adding a blanket or accessory to the piece is another way to add dimension or interest. It also works well for adding more color in the room occasionally. Just remember to keep it simple. 
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At the end of the day, I went with the two stools and returned the one piece bench. I am happy with the results, and excited to say both the guest and master bedroom are almost complete. Overall, my focus this year has mostly been in the bedrooms, so we are one step closer. We need a headboard for the master, possibly a new nightstand in the guest room, and maybe one day a couple of rugs, but nothing that is immediate. Keep in mind, small changes like this don't take much money or time, but can make a big impact. Just remember choose a space your family will get to see and appreciate! Come back next week for our bench round-up! 

Happy Fall!