Academy Awards Appetizers


I can't believe we have already reached mid-February, but it does mean that we are only TWO weeks away from the Oscars and it is time to start thinking about your menu! A couple of weeks ago, we created a menu for the Super Bowl that was your All American finger foods, and this week we have a bit fancier menu for the Oscars. Again, foods that require little to no utensils are easier for the guest and the host except for maybe that beautiful cake! We have pulled together a few delicious recipes, some more time consuming than others, but a nice mix of savory and sweet that will impress your guests for sure. 



1. No fancy party is complete without a fancy cake. It doesn't have to be extravagant, but this simple white cake with a touch of raspberries and gold sparkle is just the thing. This particular cake looks a bit complicated, but you can easily do a white cake from a box and some homemade frosting

2. A few bowls of sweet & spicy nut mix is the perfect thing to have in small pretty bowls placed about. Not only can you make it ahead of time, it is a fantastic pairing with fancy cocktails. 

3. As you can probably tell, I can't seem to have a party without some variation of guacamole. You can use the same recipe from the Super Bowl party, but add a little something extra with these Oscar inspired star chips. All you really need is a star cookie cutter & pita chips. 

4. Two-bite crostini are also a great savory item to have at the party. You don't need too many items, so just choosing one "topping" for the crostini is easy to make and eat! These are rich and savory with pear and ricotta cheese. Make sure to enjoy every bite! 

5. Another delicious and savory dish are pepperoni caprese bites which can be served with or without meat, perfect for a vegetarian option. These are super easy and something everyone will like and you can even add a bit of sparkle if you use gold pom tooth picks

6. You can't have a party without cheese, and this amazing baked brie couldn't be more appropriate with a cranberry, pistachio topping. Just make sure you buy the big wheel, because it will go quickly! 

7. This recipe takes spinach dip to the next level in a stuffed garlic bread version. This is perfect if you are trying to minimize utensils and will be so delicious and pretty at the same time. The prep work is a little bit of time, but well worth it! 

8. I could eat a whole tray of mini cream puffs, they are just so delicate and delicious. Of course, these are one of those items that you can spend serious hours making with a recipe from here or you can simply buy at the store. I personally am a fan of Trader Joe's, and I honestly don't know if your guests would ever no the difference! 

9. If you don't have enough dessert, here is one last item to include in your menu, these beautiful raspberry chocolate cups. Of course, these are time consuming but if you have time, I highly recommend. They are easy to handle and can make a wonderful display! 

I honestly don't know if you need all nine items that I have listed, but good luck choosing which one to eliminate. I personally would recommend having a nice balance between the savory and sweet. Don't only choose savory, even though I could personally just eat cheese all night and be happy, but try to include a couple sweets too. Do you have a go to recipe for a "fancy" event or something that simply is the cherry on top to a menu? And don't worry, we haven't forgotten to share an Oscar worthy cocktail, there was a bit of a mishap so you have to wait until later this week!