Trinket Box


I made a serious mishap last week... I completely missed posting on Wednesday about the guest room and this little trinket box. Somehow or another I selected the wrong date and it never went up. Not to worry though, because I am sharing it with you today! Enjoy my mishap a few days later!

The guest room is slowly coming together. I have art work up and a full length mirror ready to hang, but there are still a few things that need be tweaked or added including a bench, night stand, a round tray and a beautiful throw for the end of the bed. I am dying to finish immediately, but the room will feel even better if I just take my time to find the perfect thing which ideally will come with a story! In the meantime, I decided I would do a little trinket box to add to the dresser top. The box costs me a grand total of $12 and probably won't last forever, but adds a little something to the room. 


Materials Needed: 

  • Wood Box - found mine at Michael's 
  • White paint - left over paint sample from Lowe's 
  • Sponge Brush
  • Plastic Figurine 
  • Gold Spray Paint 
  • Super Glue or Hot Glue Gun

To Make: 

Paint the box with your sponge brush. It may take a few coats, and I highly recommend doing it in stages. I wanted to finish the painting to get pics, so when I went to open the box, it was a bit stuck. While the box is drying, spray paint your figurines. I chose a bee and gold spray paint, but really the options are endless! Let everything dry. Glue figure on box. I used super glue because the legs were soo tiny, but if you have a bit more surface I would recommend a glue gun. Ta Da - you have a finished trinket box! 


As you can see, I need a gold circular tray and an extra glass, but the dresser is coming together! The trinket box adds a little something and would be good to throw in bobby pins, internet password or any other small items our guests may need. Of course, you can make the trinket box for any place in your home. I personally am always looking for containers too hold all those loose items! 

Happy Crafting!