Spring Dresses!

Spring has sprung, and I couldn't be more excited for all that it brings! My crocusus and tulips are beginning to bloom! Besides warm temperatures and beautiful flowers, spring seems to bring lots of celebrations including Easter Sunday, bridal showers, graduations and of course weddings. We often talk about how to host these events, but sometimes it is nice to simply be a guest. However, that typically has it own list of things that need to be taken care of including what to wear! No worries, I have pulled together a few of my favorite dresses for this spring with an assortment of accessories that can either give your look a casual or fancy vibe depending on the occasion. Depending on where you live, you really have to be ready for all temps especially in Ohio where it may be sunny and 70 or blustery and 48. Hopefully a few of these looks can take you one way or the other and still feel fresh and springy! 

  1. Everyone should own a wrap dress, and this one can go from day to night, or a pleasant Sunday afternoon. I love the mossy green color, which seems to be coming back in full swing this season! 
  2. Come spring time there seems less to carry, maybe its because you don't need gloves, a scarf and possibly a hat, so this petite blush purse with a tassel is a great addition to any wardrobe. I got a pink purse at Christmas and have been loving it. It seems to match everything strangely and adds a bit of happiness to even the darkest outfit. 
  3. This delicate headband can take any simple outfit to the next level and is great for Easter, a wedding or bridal shower. Really it just adds a little extra sparkle! 
  4. Who doesn't love a pop of color when all the tulips are beginning to bloom. The structured silhouette of this classic dress really does work for a business meeting or a spring fling. If orange doesn't work with your coloring, don't worry it comes in a beautiful blue, black and white as well!
  5. Sometimes a girl just would rather wear pants, but that doesn't mean they don't have to feel light and feminine. The bold flowers and flowing fabric is just another way to bring in spring and can be worn in soo many different ways! 
  6. Stripes and giant ruffle sleeves are just too hard to pass up! Out of all the dresses, this one may find its way into my closet... this is the perfect dress to wear to so many events just change up the jewelry and shoes and you can wear it anywhere! 
  7. This dress just screams spring time with the bold print and ruffles on the sleeves and hem line. It would also be incredibly flattering for so many body types. This one may be a close second! 
  8. As a little girl, we always wore big hats and beautiful dresses on Easter Sunday, and to this day, I still have a fondness for hats. This simple straw hat may not be fancy enough for Easter, but would be perfect for a spring outing to the horse track! 
  9. Shimmery espadrilles are the perfect addition to any one of these dresses to give a more relaxed, but playful feel. These look extremely comfortable and have just enough polish that it takes it up a notch from your typical sandals! 
  10. A blush skirt can be worn all year long, but it is amazing in the spring. Fresh and light, you really can't go wrong especially if you put it with that purse! 
  11. I am a total sucker for any drop-waisted dress that there is. In fact, it may be my favorite silhouette. This army green dress mixed with a touch of ruffles is a great spring addition and does not disappoint. Mix it with heels or flats and you have a dress for all sorts of occasions!  

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer temps and any sunshine that decides to peak out from the rain. I am more than delighted that spring has arrived beckoning to see some skin! What do you look forward to this spring?