Veggie Tray & Dip


Easter Sunday is a little less than two weeks away and if you aren't hosting then you probably don't have all that much to worry about, except maybe your spring attire and a side dish to bring to dinner. A few weeks ago when we had our girls night, Celeste provided a beautiful tray of veggies and this killer dip. I swear I think I ate more veggies and dip than anything else that night and I swore that she must have either bought the dip or it took forever to make. Lucky for us, it really only calls for three ingredients and takes about 3 minutes to make (I stole/borrowed her recipe)! It really is the perfect dip to take for Easter brunch, lunch or dinner. You can pretty much make everything ahead of time (including the veggies), it doesn't have to stay warm and its full of color for spring time. It really is that simple!


Veggie Dip

1 cup of sour cream 

2 Tbsp of fresh dill 

2 Tbsp of garlic salt 

Fresh cut veggies - I like to have a variety of texture, color and shape. Often, I use a few veggies such as carrots that are already pre-cut and ready to serve while a few others may need to be hand cut. 

To Make: 

Mix together sour cream, dill and garlic salt and adjust to taste. Put into a beautiful bowl and display with fresh cut veggies. I promise, it is really that simple! 

The slight mishap on this post - not realizing how quickly the sun starts to set after day lights savings... when I started, the lighting was perfect, but by the time I finished it was just a tad bit too dark. So although this may look a little darker than I would have liked, the actual platter turned out quite fresh and colorful in person. And lucky for me I have gotten to enjoy it all week, although, it probably doesn't fall into the healthy category. Either way, I don't recommend keeping this dip around the kitchen on a regular basis, unless you have serious control. 

Hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do!