Designing Fabric


These past couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind for both Carly and I. However, I had an amazing, inspirational trip to Carnegie's Creative Studio in NYC that I am dying to share. I realize this may not be a common read on Mishaps & Mimosas, but the amount of color, pattern, texture and innovation in the Carnegie Studio is worth sharing for sure! The studio is made of about 12-15 people with a variety of expertise including but not limited to fashion merchandiser, interior designer, textile designer and graphic designers. Each designer had an entire board that included all forms of inspiration that has been collected from museums, Pinterest, magazines and personal snippets as well as some products that are being developed and worked on for upcoming releases. It was fun to see all the ideas including some of my own personal favorite images from online inspiring future fabrics! Scroll on down and check out all the artistry below!


Above, Heather and I are in deep discussion about the foil that Carnegie is applying to their Xorel product. It was so interesting to learn about their process of creating, developing and producing a whole line of new product. For the foil collection, there were five patterns with too many options to count for background colors mixed with foil colors. As a group, we took the number from 15 or 20 down to 4 or 5 for each pattern. It was WAY harder than you would imagine. Up close some look perfect, however when we pinned them to the wall some looked cheesy, washed-out or just didn't work at all. It was a long process, but I enjoyed EVERY minute! 


We also worked with the textiles for upholstery including polyurethanes, fabric and panels. We looked at colors, pattern and texture, but these particular designs are still in the works. After looking at them and making tweaks, the fabrics will go back to the mill again for more sampling. Seeing them in a different phase in the process was also captivating, which only led to us asking more questions, picking and prodding.   As you can tell, we were heavily in thought, and really had no interest to leave our post! 


And I couldn't help but leave you with one last amazing piece! The image above is a hand-woven wall-covering with an artist's work printed to the piece. Again, not fully developed but truly a piece of art! The entire experience was like nothing I have done before. Everything from the studio to where we fell asleep exhausted was inspirational and invigorating as a designer. It was what dreams are made of, and I couldn't be more thankful for having the opportunity. 

Hope you enjoyed a snippet of the Studio as much as I did! Do you have a favorite piece? 

Happy Dreaming!