Fresh Pillow Roundup

A quick shot from last year's back porch! 

A quick shot from last year's back porch! 

Everything seems to be fresh and new in spring, and weekends are filled with adding new flowers to the garden, late nights grilling and of course pulling out the patio furniture! Last spring, I put most of my energy into our back porch with new furniture, accessories and flowers, and I was just as excited to pull it all out again this year. However, there are a few things that could be spruced up - all my potted plants died, so those need to be redone and I could probably change out a few pillows. Overall, the pillows I made and bought last year were all intended for outdoor use, but there were a couple that I loved too much and used outside anyways. So this year, there are a couple that are a little lack luster. So because it is always fun to add a couple of new things to the mix every year, I have pulled together some of my favorite pillows this season. 

Tips & Tricks 

  • I highly recommend spending the money on the larger items such as your outdoor sofa, table and chairs. If you buy upholstered pieces make sure that the cushions are re-moveable, so the covers can be washed before stowing away for the winter. We had trouble with squirrels this fall enjoying our sofa as much as we did! 
  • Don't spend too much on pillows. These often come and go with trends and are super easy to change out.
  • All of the pillows shown here are for outdoor use meaning that they won't fade with the sun. When you go to purchase the pillows, check the tags. Often the tag will say Sunbrella, which is a common outdoor fabric. 
  • If you don't normally play with color or patterns, this is the time to do it. Outdoor spaces usually are a bit more playful and colorful! 
  • Although there are quite a few pillows selected that are light in color, I highly recommend not doing everything in white. You want to be able to sit down and enjoy a cool glass of lemonade even if you are filthy from working outside! So just keep it in mind, everything will be outside. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun as much as possible. If not take some time and find a cozy place outdoors where you can fill it with pillows, books and cocktails! I hope to buy a couple of these pillows and fill my spring and summer days with as much sunshine and relaxation as possible! Do you have a favorite pillow story? I am leaning towards No. 1.

Happy Tuesday!