Sweets on Cake Stands

Spring is in the air, well for most of the country, and lots of parties and celebrations will be popping up for sure whether it be a bridal or baby shower, graduations or first communions and most likely a beautiful cake will be part of the spotlight. And a delicious, killer cake only deserves the best cake stand! In fact, a cake stand was my first kitchen purchase of my adult life. Carly and I were shopping in Anthropologie and I came across this delicate silver and gold cake stand and I couldn't resist. In fact, I had no real reason to even buy one, so Carly and I actually created a reason - an Oscar party - so that we had a reason to buy it. I mean honestly it was ridiculous, I don't even like to bake, but that cake stand was coming with me. It has traveled quite a bit, held a serious amount of cakes and always makes me smile, but a cake stand isn't always in your arsenal of kitchen equipment, so I have pulled together a few of my favorites that would work perfectly this spring for a celebration! 

Some beautiful options to choose from that vary in style, price & finish! 

  1. This beautiful ruffle cake stand is very simple, but elegant with just enough ruffle detail that makes it special. I also love how deep the edge goes on the sides. Normally, stands either ruffle up or are simple and thin and this one does the exact opposite! 
  2. Who doesn't love the mix of marble and wood, this cake stand brings a bit of old world together with a bit of a worn base. It does cross the fifty dollar mark, but if you are looking for something special this may work perfectly! 
  3. An all glass, covered cake stand not only showcases a beautiful cake on your countertop, but will keep the cake fresh for more than just a day. This glass cake stand may be the most versatile of all and will match all sorts of decor. 
  4. Another beautiful glass cake stand, but mixed with a dark natural wood this not only could work great for a simple cake, but a cheese platter or appetizers could easily be on display. This one is also another great deal for how charming this piece is. 
  5. This delicate pink glass cake stand is the only one on the list with color, but it is the perfect color for sure! This particular stand may be a bit more to style and may not work with every cake, but if you are looking for something a little different, this is the one for sure! 
  6. A little quirky but so unique, these frogs on their lily pad make me smile, and would be perfect for spring. This particular cake stand is a bit more pricey coming in at $70, but I have never seen anything like it, and it would for sure become a talking point at any party! 
  7. As simple and classic as you can get, this all white marble cake stand will stand the test of time for sure. It would make the perfect wedding gift or a great piece for any home.  This is probably in my top 3 out of this list for sure! 
  8. This marble cake stand is by far the most expensive out of all of these and would be a serious splurge (so I recommend waiting for a sale,) but it was just so stunning with its solid wood base and center and the creamy beautiful marble flower beckons for a gorgeous, delicious cake!
  9. With its clean lines and simple details in the flower, this stand combines a few characteristics from quite a few of the other stands on the list. If you need a bit more detail than just a few finishes, this would be perfect. Again, this piece could be used for more than just a cake - apricots, nuts and cheese would be equally delightful on this piece. 

Every time I look at the cake stands above, I have a different one that I think needs to be added to my collection. The ones with a cover seem so practical, but I love the quirkiness of the frogs and the classic marble piece as well. Do you have any favorites? Do you lean towards simple and logical or fun and playful? 

Come back tomorrow to learn my quick and easy tricks to baking a cake that looks beautiful and tastes delicious with only a couples hours invested!