S'More Bar


It may not feel like spring or summer, but I am determined to enjoy the good weather when possible and a bonfire is the perfect way to enjoy the cool night temps. A blazing bonfire, long-time friends and good conversation may be the best way to spend a spring/summer night especially if you have s'mores. I am happy to eat any traditional s'more, it may rank at the top five of my favorite foods, but that doesn't mean you can't mix it up and create a s'more bar for an evening around the fire. This past weekend we had a few friends over for dinner and a fire, and it was the perfect opportunity to create a s'more bar. I bought a variety of chocolate candy, local handmade marshmallows and set it all out for everyone to enjoy! It might have been the easiest dessert I have ever fixed for a group of people. Check out all the necessities below to recreate for a night with friends!  


S'More Bar Essentials

  • Marshmallows - Typical store bought marshmallows work great, I wanted something a little special, so I purchased hand made ones from Hello Honey in downtown Cincinnati. I love getting their torched marshmallow on ice cream, so I figured I couldn't go wrong for s'mores. 

  • Graham Crackers - Used the tried and true Honey Maid

  • Sticks - Make sure they are long enough! These ones above were a bit short... 

  • Chocolate Bars - I used the traditional Hershey bars

  •  Caramel & Nutella  Spreads - These were delicious, but not the cleanest option! 

  • Reese's Cups - If you love peanut butter, I highly recommend. 

  • Caramel Ghirardelli Chocolate - I might have gone a little over board with the caramel, but these were AMAZING! Highly recommend. 

  • Candy Bars - Nestle Crunch, Butterfinger and Hershey's with Almonds are all great options to add to the bar. I wanted to keep it relatively simple, but if you have another candy preference, I say go for it! 


The s'more bar worked out great, and it gave everyone an opportunity to mix-it up a bit. I do recommend making it easy to access all the ingredients and that it all be done outside, the caramel was a bit messy. I didn't get a photo of a completed s'more - 1. because it was too dark , and 2. they were eaten up pretty quickly, but trust me when I say they were delicious. It was the perfect way to spend a cool evening and to begin the summer! Would you be up for a non-traditional s'more?