Picnics in Sunshine


A rather dreary week, not ideal for picnics, but that doesn't mean we can't be hopeful and ready for beautiful warm days filled with lounging in the sun and picnics. To some it may seem silly to pack up a bunch of food and drink and go sit on the ground, but something about the atmosphere always makes me smile and really enjoy the moment. What is great about picnics is that it can be a party for two or for 10, and can be elaborate or as simple as picking up BBQ on your way to the park. It is all dependent on the moment! When we got married, I received the playful picnic basket above. I hadn't registered for it and it was nice surprise and a piece that has been used quite a bit and highly recommend. I can't say that I am an expert at picnics, but I have created a list of things that I always bring along as well as variety of picnic baskets for the upcoming season! 


Things to Bring

  • A colorful throw that is long enough to lie on - the one shown above is from Target, found here

  • Some activity to do as a group or alone - a book, frisbee, paddle ball or sketch book. 

  • Portable speaker for some tunes - We got a mini Jawbone for Christmas and have been loving it. It is perfect for moving about inside or out! 

  • Food - Ideally, cold colorful finger foods! Which can be delicious and refreshing, and is way easier than attempting to keep foods hot. I recommend chicken salad sandwiches, veggies and dip, fruit, one or two fancy cheeses and crackers, and a sweet little dessert. 

  • Drinks - A refreshing bottle of bubbly, rose or a personal favorite. I have recently fallen in love with the Chloe Rose and have thoroughly enjoyed it on warm nights. If you do bring fancy beverages make sure the bottle is twist-off or you have a bottle opener tucked away. 

  • Utensils, dish-ware & napkins - I recommend bringing paper plates that are a bit heavy duty and using plastic or old silverware if possible. I also like to throw in a few plastic glasses and playful napkins if you have them! 

  • Trash bags - Make sure to bring some sort of trash bag so that you leave the space as clean as when you arrived, it doesn't take up too much space, but well worth it.

  • And of course a Basket to carry all of your lovely treats to the perfect picnic spot! Check out a few of our favorite options at all price ranges below! 


These are just a few options for baskets, which vary in simplicity as well as a wide range of price points. Any basket works really, but these are all so pretty and functional - the best of both worlds! I can't wait until it is actually picnic season! Do you have any go-to's for picnics?