Flea Find to Finished Product


Hello Again, it has been a while, but that doesn't mean we haven't been keeping busy! Last month, Carly and I decided that we would wake up at the crack of dawn to go visit one of our favorite stomping grounds - The Burlington Flea. Neither one of us had been this season and it was time to go check it out. We both went with a relatively small list this time, and tried to control ourselves as much as possible as we were both running out of room for new pieces especially large pieces. However, that didn't stop us from buying some great pieces including this little chair number. It was the perfect piece to be added to the master bedroom. I wasn't really wanting to spend a ton of money on the chair, but I thought it might be a nice addition for when you really need a place to take your shoes off and drop your clothes somewhere after a long day!



This was the chair, and although it was upholstered in a beautiful blue velvet, it wasn't going to work with the emerald green drapes that will be happening eventually, so new upholstery it was! As a side note, the lady selling the chair apologized for not redoing it herself which seemed to go along with the shabby chic look including distressed wood and painted fabric - which no one should ever do. I was beyond excited that she hadn't found the time and the beautiful wood and caning. As you can see above, I had gathered a few different fabric samples including a navy leather, a few neutrals with pattern and texture, but nothing really felt right. Then I remembered that I had stashed away a beautiful brown leather and I was lucky enough that I had juuust enough to cover the chair! 



 I did a bit of research online and found Homan Interiors and after reading multiple reviews thought I would give it a try. They were wonderful to work with and weren't too pricey either comparatively speaking. Not only did they upholster, but redid the seat and refinished all the wood. I dropped off the chair and the leather, and talked about options including whether it would work and the addition of decorative/functional nailheads. I left for vaca and came back to a beautiful finished chair. Check out the math below for the whole make-over!

  • Unfinished Chair - $60
  • Leather - Free (got lucky) 
  • Fabric - Did not use, but could run between $20-$30 a yard. This particular style of chair took about 2 yards. Make sure to confirm quantity of fabric before purchasing! 
  •  Labor - $200 
  • Additional Nailheads - $40
  • TOTAL - $300 

I know that sounds a bit pricey for a "used" chair, but buying a chair from Target for $300 isn't going to get you the quality, beauty or story! 


I am personally in love with the transformation with or without the hubby's shorts tossed on top. It adds just the right amount of masculine touch to the room and is the perfect scale. So would you do it or pass for a buy out? If you find something that you can't decide whether the effort and money is worth it, just do a quick rough calculation of how much you are going to spend at the end of the day. Sometimes it is worth every penny and others it just isn't. Be smart about what gets redone! 

Happy Shopping!