Trinkets & Baubles

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I have collected a few pieces of jewelry over time to say the least, and many of them have stories and memories attached. However, I also seem to go through phases as to which ones I wear on a regular basis, while others collect a bit of dust until I find myself searching through my jewelry again. Recently, I couldn't find much of anything - the top of my dresser had turned into a total wreck. It was time to re-organize and become inspired. 

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This is the mess that I was dealing with. It is a wonder that my necklaces weren't tangled every morning. Before I tackled the mess, I stopped at Home Goods and Target and purchased a few different types of jewelry displays so that I would have a few options to work with in the space. Whatever didn't work, I simply returned later. I purchased multiple necklace/bracelet holders as well as a beautiful mirrored glass box and a few trinket bowls and ring holders I had picked up at flea markets and cute shops. 

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Sometimes the hardest thing to do is start! Here are the steps I took to go from a hot mess of jewelry to an orderly display. 

  1. Take off all your jewelry and lay it all out on a flat clean surface and begin going through it. I created multiple piles based off of - keep or give away and then I broke it down into type - necklaces, bracelets, rings, pins or earrings. 
  2. Layer the jewelry stands/boxes in various places on the dresser before adding jewelry. Start with taller, thinner items in the back and work your way to the front with lower, smaller items. 
  3. Before adding the jewelry in, add other trinkets or other small items. If you have enough room on your dresser a small vase of flowers or a framed photo are always nice. Sadly, that wasn't an option for me.
  4. Be realistic of what is really going to work. I loved the mirrored box, but looked best with a few dramatic bracelets set inside. If I had less jewelry or a larger dresser, I would have made it work! 
  5. Mix and match finishes, textures and scale. The bracelet holder I used had a touch of patterned fabric which adds a bit of warmth to the metallics scattering the dresser top. 
  6. Once the stands are layered, begin adding jewelry! It makes an immediate difference. Of course, there are a few pieces I still have lying across the top of the dresser - those are ones that I am a fan of at the moment and will eventually rotate out. Everything can't be perfect! 

There were a couple items that just didn't fit and those are the necklaces above hanging on hummingbird hooks. These are in the guest room, which I use for additional clothes and accessories on a regular basis, so I thought I might as well hang some of the larger necklaces in there against the dark navy walls. It may seem a bit disjointed, but I think visually it works great and it isn't much of a problem on a day to day basis. I thought this was going to be a bigger job, but honestly, once I got a variety of options for display the whole process didn't take long. It only took a few hours minus all the photos (which I had more of, but can't seem to find). I still would like to repaint the jewelry box, possibly a soft pink or blood orange/red, but may wait until its chilly outside with little to do. Thoughts? All in all, I am one happy camper that can see all my trinkets quickly and easily now! Do you have a mess, or are you super organized with just a few special pieces?