Making Plans - Part I

Image 02.jpg

We have officially been living in our home now for 3 years, and we have slowly taken it from a house to a home, but that doesn't mean everything has been worked out and is just the way we want it. There are still quite a few elements that I would love to tweak, add or eliminate. However, it all takes time, money and the most difficult element - patience. I am often frustrated when I look at blogs online and within a few weeks/months from purchasing a house, it is all "perfect." Most of us don't have that luxury, so I have pulled together the "in-the-moment" pics, unstyled as is, and our existing plan/layout of the space with new plans and ideas showcased next week in Part II. 

For the most part, I am pretty happy with the layout and flow of the space. I really like that the TV is tucked away for easy viewing or conversation. We struggled at the beginning with light sources, but we have 3 in the living space now, which works great in the evenings giving off a soft ambient light. However, as you can see in the plan above the items I would like to add or adjust aren't huge necessarily, but would make a pretty big impact. 

  1. A dining table and chairs that would fill the space proportionally. 
  2. Adding a new, larger coffee table to the lounge space, pulling that space together a bit more. 
  3. Shifting the sofa into the lounge space allowing more room in the dining room, as well as adding a console table along the back of the sofa to divide up the two spaces a bit. 
  4. And last on my list - matching leather lounge chairs with low backs. I love both chairs that I have now for sentimental reasons, but would like to use them elsewhere in the house. 
Image 01.jpg


Overall, the living/family room works great. I love our sofa - clean lines with a bit more traditional details, comfortable and coordinates with most things I bring into the room. If you can't do an "L" shaped sofa, I highly recommend getting an ottoman for flexibility and comfort! There are my two "coffee tables" as well. The wood box was $3 from a flea 7 years ago, and the gold and glass piece is from EBTH and could be in nicer shape, although it has worked well so far. I really like the accessories on these pieces, but would really prefer a piece that is durable, you can put your feet on and makes a more cohesive statement. 


The dining room KILLS me right now. Every time I look at it, it makes me a bit sad. The biggest problem with an open layout - you can see everything ALL the time. We recently added the china cabinet, which works perfectly under the window with all my wedding china. The find for that piece goes to Carly! I also have had the bar cart forever - even before they were all over pinterest. Not sure I will keep it exactly as is, but it is useful for sure and works great off to the side. For the most part, the biggest issue is the table and chairs! The table is too small, and the chairs are outdoor chairs and are slowly destroying our wood floors. Of course, this may be the most expensive adjustment to the space. Working on this now, and am getting excited for what I think may be an affordable solution! 

Don't get me wrong, there are things that I love about our house - the location, open floor plan, efficient use of space, 1/2 bath (HUGE deal in Cincinnati), the character (especially the thick trim and base board) and all the windows, but there are a few things I am still working on. I keep telling myself our house will be more of a home with stories behind each piece instead of being picture perfect overnight. Make sure to come back next week to see what I have planned! What dreams do you have for your home?